Very Good Day

(Updated to add recipes!)
Man, today has been really great. I’ve been baking and cooking and schooling and cleaning. I feel very productive 🙂
A few things I made today-
Our favorite muffins:

Our favorite cookies:

And a chicken for dinner:

Chicken recipe: remove giblets, rinse in cold water, rub in 1 tbsp olive oil and then 2 tbsp rotisserie chicken seasoning. Cook on low 8 hours or so.
Or if you don’t have rotisserie seasoning you can try this spice rub:

Spice Rub:
1/2 tsp. each: black pepper, garlic powder
1 tsp. each: white pepper, dried thyme, onion powder, cayenne
2 tsp paprika
4 tsp salt
Spice rub recipe from here

Payson to this day only drinks his bottle if I’m holding him (yes he’s still on the bottle, I’m a very lazy mom when it comes to weaning my babies off bottles)…
I laid him down real quick to run in and pull the muffins out of the oven and was surprised when I came back and he was still laying there drinking.

(He’s wearing Sierra’s shirt. We’ve been out of laundry soap, and therefore clean clothing, and I don’t want to drive around in 110 degree weather to go get some!)

So I grabbed my camera to document the occasion of Payson finally feeding himself his bottle but when I did:

he rolled over and sat up and cried. Guess our cuddling time isn’t over yet 😉

I’ve been a crappy commentor on blogs lately. Sorry about that guys! When I’m moody I tend to become a recluse and clam up. But I’m feeling better so expect some novel length comments sometime soon (as if that’s a good thing?)

7 thoughts on “Very Good Day

  • I have totally been in a bad mood lately too. Maybe it's the weather that's getting to us. Thanks for sharing the recipes, they look so good!
    I love that Payson is wearing Sierra's shirt, that is totally something I would do!

  • Those muffins and cookies look so good. Especially the cookies, yummy! I sometimes put Cayden in some of my girls pink pajama pants that are his size, when all of his are dirty. Tim is convinced I am scarring him for life. I just tell him that men with confidence wear pink and I'm teaching him early on to be confident.

    I'll bet it will be a bittersweet day when Payson no longer wants to be held to drink his bottle. I just wish I could get Cayden to drink anything besides water. He will take nothing else no matter what I try.

  • Mmmm I wish I knew how to bake! I am a good cook but baker… notsomuch!

    And that's funny… my 1 year old daughter was wearing her 6 year old brother's t-shirt the other day too while I was doing laundry. It fit her like a robe. She looked so cute!

    And I hear you on the moodiness… It's definitely the humidity I think. At least for me. I am so not used to this ugly feeling when I run around doing my errands. Ugh!

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