The Rim Again- Payson’s First Camping Trip!

It was time.
We’ve done a ton of day trips since moving to Arizona but we haven’t camped since before I was pregnant with Payson!
We got our tent and sleeping bags out of storage, packed up some food, and headed off to the Rim.
The weather up there was in the 90s but felt really cool to us. (Of course we’re used to 110 temps)
While I took care of the kids, Allan set up our campsite.

All the organized campsites were full so we picked a spot off a dirt road on the way to Black Canyon Lake. There were a handful of other people camping there so it seemed like a safe place to spend the night.

We were so nervous about how Payson would do on a campout. Turns out he was easy peasy while we got setup.

He kept his binky in his mouth the whole time and didn’t eat any crap from off the ground.
He loved wandering all around the campsite with his sisters.

He found lots of treasures.

And did throw a mini fit when Brooklyn wouldn’t let him scatter her rock collection.

He got only a bit dirty.

The bugs were very fond of Sierra. Not a good thing when Sierra is pretrified of them.

She’d told me, “every day a bug gets on me and I get it off with my hand really fast!”

Don’t worry about Payson, I didn’t leave him alone on that chair except for the five seconds it took to take this picture 😉

He really liked his new booster chair.

We drove to Willow Springs Lake after we’d eaten. (Those pictures in post below)

We got back from the lake and Allan made us all hotdogs. We also had some chips and, of course, marshmallows!

Brooklyn ate her entire hotdog! This is crazy because she usually refuses even a bite of a hotdog.

After dinner I crawled into the tent with Sierra and Payson. The second we got on the air mattress Payson started screaming. He was not happy with the idea of sleeping somewhere other than his crib. He finally fell asleep laying on my legs but it didn’t last long. He kept waking up screaming every ten minutes. It was pretty bad.

We finally called it quits around 1:30am. We were exhausted and Payson and Sierra at that point would just not sleep. Allan loaded everything up into the car while I stood by the fire rocking Payson. Allan put both girls in their carseats and folded up the tent. I put Payson in the car (he was finally sleeping at this point) and we started the drive home.
It was 4 in the morning when we arrived.
We got to bed at 4:45am.

I woke up at 8am this morning to Payson crying. He had diarrhea and it had gone all the way up to the middle of his back.
Then Sierra got up and peed on the floor.
I’m so tired I hurt.
I’m so glad I come up with these brilliant ideas. Camping next weekend, anyone?

9 thoughts on “The Rim Again- Payson’s First Camping Trip!

  • Oh my gosh! I was reading along expecting to hear that it continued on being great and lovely. That stinks! I'm sorry you had to leave in the night like that.

    It's scenarios just like that, that make me really really want to be done having anymore babies. I'm ready to be able to do all these fun things with our family and not have to worry about naps, and cribs, and nursing, or baby food, etc. These things are always at the center of the debate over having more and just getting it over with or being done and moving on forever (which obviously you can tell which side of the debate won most recently).

    Better luck next time! Great pictures though.

  • So I wasn't expecting that ending… everything started out so nicely! Hope you weren't too scarred from the experiment. Do try it again, but maybe not this weekend. 😉

  • You're brave! When I was little my parents would take us 5 kids camping/fishing but we were older. I couldn't take my 1 year old (plus 2 other toddlers, plus 2 more kids) camping because it would probably end up the same way. I could so see my 1 & 3 year olds not wanting to sleeping in anything but their own beds. We're waiting for the younger ones to be a bit older before we attempt such an adventure. Good for your for making these memories for your kids, regardless of how the trip turned out.

    I like the picture of them all sitting and Payson is in his booster with one shoe missing, too cute.

  • Beautiful pictures as usual. I think you are very brave to go camping with so young children. If it makes you feel any better I have a similar story from our first camp with my younger daughter (she was 1 or 2 years old), she threw up on our bedsheets early in the first evening (two nights), so we had to cleen that up as well as we could and still sleep in the sheets!
    I am not a big fan of camping but my daughers and my husband love it. We only go once or twice every year.

  • And that is why I don't go camping. Last summer we ended up sleeping in the car or having no sleep at all at our ward camp out.

    Soo, what settings did you use for your awesome fireside shots?

  • I've only been camping once in my life and I've been nagging my husband to take us one of these days. The only thing I would not look forward to is how my 15 month old would do. She hates a playpen and is NOT used to sleeping away from home. But we might muster up the courage to do it one of these days.

    At least the photo ops are amazing!

  • I totally thought it would be fine!

    We just got back from camping and it will eventually be “fun”.

    I feel for you darlin', raising kids is hard stuff!

    Camping was a “no go” for a lot of years and trying it with a baby is commendable.

    Maybe his tummy was hurting is why he cried?

    Hugs and kisses, Mom

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