Fishing on Willow Springs

Another first during this trip- Payson’s first time on a boat!
It didn’t go very well.

But Allan, Brooklyn, and Sierra had a lot of fun.

Payson was pretty ticked that we put him in a life jacket. It didn’t help that it was a girl’s life jacket.

Even though it was pink, he looked cute.

Sierra and I were having fun together while Brooklyn stayed on the front deck with Allan.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures before this point because I was holding a screaming, writhing Payson. I was really not having fun, I was pretty darn stressed actually. I finally found a couple tricks to keep Payson happy. First- a bottle of motrin (he liked the sound it made when he shook it), second- my phone.

He LOVES my phone.

Sierra was really interested in all the noises my phone kept making (Payson was turning it on and off over and over again).

Notice Payson’s left hand? He does not like it when his sisters get close to him and he almost always shoves them away.
Sierra spent some zoning out. She was pretty tired at this point in the trip.
Couple crappy lake shots.

Allan ended up catching 6 fish. 5 smallmouth bass and 1 largemouth bass. All were pretty small.
This one was one of the bigger ones.

Allan let Brooklyn and Sierra hold each fish. They were freaking out excited about it.

I love this one.

Halfway through the lake experience I unzipped Payson’s life jacket. This really made him happy and he even started smiling again. (I’m really extreme with carseat safety. Boat safety?? notsamuch. He’s got the life jacket on– I’m good)

It was really hard to take pictures of Allan because I was using my 50mm (narrow). I had to stand on the veeeery back of the boat to take these:

Sierra thought since I unzipped Payson’s life jacket she could unzip hers. The rest of the trip she kept trying to take it off.
More fish!

Gosh, I have so many favorites of Brooklyn from the lake!

I hold this kid an awful lot.

Good thing he’s so darn cute!

3 thoughts on “Fishing on Willow Springs

  • That is a gorgeous picture of the lake. I like the one of Sierra looking at Payson where he is holding his hand up, about to push her away…his expression just says “sista, please.”

    The one of Allan smiling while looking up at the fish, looks so much like expressions I've seen on Brooklyn so many times.

    And I hear ya about babies on boats. Cayden did not enjoy it much either. Not much relaxation for Mommies, that's for sure.

  • Your eye color is exactly the same as Paysons!

    These are so adorable. Brooklyn is like a pea in the pod with Allan's love of fishing, eh?

    Sierra is cute too.

    Felt like I was there.

    Missing you. You are coming in two weeks, right???????

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