You wouldn’t know it

but my camera is throwing tantrums that rivel this kid’s

I would say, “why is my camera doing this to me” but it’s not the camera’s fault. It’s been dropped and spilled on several times, it’s almost 3 years old and has been overused nonstop since the day it arrived on my doorstep in November 2006.

But when my camera is good, it’s very, very good and *gives me shots like this:

ok it doesn’t really give me the shots, I set the exposure and nail the focus, but still, I couldn’t do that on my point and shoot no matter how I tweaked the settings.

3 thoughts on “You wouldn’t know it

  • Those shots are adorable! Sorry it's giving you problems. I showed my camera to a professional photographer and told her what was happening, and she said it's just getting worn out from a lot of use. Sigh….now what? No budget for a new one yet.

    Seriously though, I love these pictures of Payson. His eyes are so bright.

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