Summer’s a Bummer

Mid July and the weather is finally starting to get to me. I feel sluggish and uninspired in this heat.

I know I said I’d be doing some food posts soon but most of our meals are hodge podged because I can’t keep up the cooking gusto I had during fall, winter and spring.
These days our meals look like this:

Peanut butter and honey sandwich, celery, carrots, milk and always lots of water.
Nothing special. Nothing that excites me when I sit down to eat.

I miss you, Spring.
I can’t wait to meet you, Fall.
And winter?
Oh winter, you are my true love.

7 thoughts on “Summer’s a Bummer

  • Arianna… I understand!!! It is hot here, though not as hot as AZ I am sure, but to me hot enough! I have no appetite or desire to even plan food. My poor family has been getting similar mix & match concoctions of cold stuff. 🙂 Just wanted you to know… you are not alone!

  • That is still a great meal. 🙂 How opposite we are with seasons though! I dread winter and am my best in the summer! Of course, winter here is 6 months of dark, gloom, and snow, lol! What is your “winter” like?

  • Although the hot hot heat makes me sluggish and unmotivated too, I prefer it over winter, because I would choose hot over cold any day. But I enjoy Spring and Fall quite a bit. Not too hot, not too cold. Lets face it though, whatever season it is, I'm always finding some reason to pine away for another one. I just need to move to Vancouver Island where it's a perfect 75 degrees most of the year I guess.

  • Hi Ariana. It is mid summer here in Iceland too. The weather has been great, 19°C (about 66°F), sunny and no wind, it is almost too hot!
    I can imagine though that your temp is a bit higher, right?

  • Yes, it is hot and no one likes to cook in that kind of heat! We had 95 degrees today ourselves!

    This looks pretty healthy to me and lots of water is essential for them in the heat.

    Hugs and kisses, Mom

    PS I give you permission to “hodge-podge” without guilt!

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