Little Stinker

This boy.

Oh boy does this boy cause some trouble.

I stuck him in our ottoman today during school.

He was goofing off the entire time.

I thought I was clever for keeping him out of trouble for a few minutes.

He thought he was clever just for being in the ottoman.

Though mommy cages you in, trouble can still be had when you’re a good reacher.

If you’re Payson you can always find something to mess up.

Dumped out crayons?

Someone dumped out crayons?!

Does this look like the face of someone who would dump out crayons?

Diapers are fun.

Is that a disposable diaper Payson’s wearing?
Why yes it is!

Payson broke out in eczema wearing the thirsties diapers covers so I’ve been having him just wear the kissaluvs without covers and changing him often. But during naptime and bedtime he wears disposables.
Eczema is no fun at all.

But diapers are.

Couple shots of baby belly. I do so love me some baby belly.

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