A couple snapshots

It’s hard to find pictures to post these days. I take a LOT every day- I’ve even been taking pictures while we do school. The “problem” is my kids aren’t dressed most of the time! They’ve been living in their undies.
It’s summer in Arizona, what do you expect?! And yes we have air conditioning but my kids really like the lack of clothes. lol

I’ll try to clothe my children a bit more often, though, just for the sake of blogging I suppose. The girls have started wearing their tutus all day long 🙂

I bought a new carrier for Payson the day before yesterday. I shrunk my moby wrap in the dryer on accident (SO SAD ABOUT THAT) and have been meaning to get a woven wrap to replace it but got this in the meantime.

I wore him all through our errands Tuesday (Sprouts, Target, WalMart) and it was an entirely different shopping experience. He leaned happily against me the entire trip without a so much as a peep. He rubbed my chest and tummy with his hands and even licked me (he gives kisses with a wide open mouth and it looks like he’s licking) several times. lol
SO CUTE! I can’t express enough how much of an advocate for baby wearing I am. I really wish I’d known about baby wearing with Brooklyn and Sierra!

Yesterday we made some cookies. They were so yummy!! It was really hard for me to stop eating at TWO!
The recipe is here: Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies

I “found” the girls’ baby dolls in Payson’s closet recently and brought them down. The girls have played with them nonstop ever since.
Payson is obsessed with the dolls. They both talk and move and Payson finds that extremely appealing. He is constantly trying to steal the doll when Brooklyn isn’t looking.

Everytime he finally gets his hands on it Brooklyn notices and shrieks about not wanting him to get spit on it. (He kisses the baby and like I mentioned earlier, his kisses include lots of tongue. lol)

She tossed his stuffed lion at him to distract him.

And that’s all the pictures folks.

Oh and guess what! This weekend Allan and I are getting a date! We haven’t had many of those this year (to say the least) so we’re majorly looking forward to it.
Do you and your spouse get dates often? If not, why not? For us it’s a babysitter issue. I don’t trust many people with my kids.
And while you’re answering- what do you guys do on dates when you get them?

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  • What kind of sling did you get? I haven't used my moby in a couple months probably because it was starting to sag too much (Graham is almost 22 lbs now). I remember using a ring sling and mai tei with Erica for a long time, and I'm wondering if I should try something different with Graham now. I have a hard time carrying him on my hip because he pushes his feet against me and tries to stand up and move around too much. I LOVE yours though! Beautiful!

    Eric and I have just recently started going on regular dates. We found a babysitter through sittercity.com. We LOVE her and what's more, my kids LOVE her. We usually go out after Graham is in bed, so she doesn't have to do much with him. But I have also used her a few times during the day when I have to take one/two of the kids to an appt., she stays with the other(s). She's been a real God send, especially since we don't have any family here.

    We go out to eat, or walk the Riverwalk, or go shopping. We just went out Tuesday night for our 8th anniversary, and we went to dinner and then went and played putt-putt. It was so nice being able to talk and enjoy each other without the kids hanging around.

  • I just visited your blog from link on the WTM message boards…I saw you are just a little north of Almost Mexico, AZ. I love the picture of your darling girlies in their little cottage….on the edge of the desert.

    Welcome to The Boards!

  • We dont have dates too often. Its a babysitter issue. Our parents are usually the only the ones who watch Reyna. My brother and his girlfriend used to, but they are both away at school. I have never hired a babysitter. Its a trust thing, as well.

    We just went out on a date last weekend and we enjoyed dinner @ the Melting Pot. Reyna stayed at my parents so we were able to sleep in the following day.

    When we have a date night, we do dinner and usually some shopping.

    Have a good time on your date. 🙂

  • Aww, poor Moby! I hope your new one is as nice. 🙂 Jason and I NEVER go on dates. (well maybe not NEVER, but only once or twice a year, tops). It's a babysitting issue for us too. Living away from family & friends is HARD! Even though my boys are 11 and 13 I still can't even leave THEM with someone, I worry too much. And sure, Austin is mature enough they would PROBABLY be ok for a couple of hours at home alone… but I can't seem to let myself test that theory either, LOL. 😉

  • I have gone back to different posts to make sure my comments were there and they're not! I don't know what I'm doing wrong!!? It's never been a prob before. I am tired of trying to re-write the same comments.

    So…great pics, etc, etc!

    Missed you when we came to AZ. 🙁 Next time I will do the communicating instead of going through other people.

  • That's a really cute wrap. Does it make your back ache at all? I have a hotsling and baby bjorn, but I have lower back problems so don't use them a lot.

    Good for you guys on getting a date! It's so important to have those from time to time. We haven't had a ton of dates this year (about three that I can recall) because all of our free time (and allotted babysitting time) up through may, was spent running and marathon training, but although that wasn't always fun, it was still time spent together one on one, so it was still nice.

    When we go out, it's normally dinner somewhere we wouldn't think of taking kids, and a movie or a drive up the canyon or to play games at friends homes.

    The babysitter issue is hard. To this day, I've never had anyone babysit even once that isn't family. I feel strange leaving my babes with someone else. I suppose if I REALLY knew (and trusted) a teenager from church, I might ask, but of the teenagers I do know, I wouldn't ask them *because* I got to know them. lol. Only asking my Mom and my sister really narrows the babysitting options. I guess it would be doubly hard not having family close by.

    I hope you guys are able to work out a babysitting situation that works for you so you can get out there and date!

  • It looks like you had fun on your little date. I'm sure your kids enjoyed being with their grandparents, too.

    Our baby is only 3 months old, so we haven't gone on any alone dates yet. He still sleeps so much that we usually take him with us on dates! I do want to see the movie “Away We Go” and I don't think it would be wise to take the baby. We are very lucky because we have a lot of family nearby who all offer to babysit anytime. My problem is that I am working full time and I miss my baby so much during the day that I want to spend every evening and weekend with him.

  • Too funny…that's the reason I don't have a lot of pictures of Mason to post online. When it's hot, as soon as we hit the front door his clothes are gone! I have tons of cute pictures of him and Scarlett playing together, but I can't share them!

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