I didn’t start teaching Brooklyn to read until the last few months because she just wasn’t ready before that. Now though, she really loves it and begs to read every day. As if she has to ask, right?

What I started with her with was this book:

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons is really, really awesome. It tells you exactly what to say to your child while you go through the book. At first Brooklyn hated it. I mean seriously hated it and refused to do anything in the book.
So we moved straight onto readers for a while.

I can’t suggest readers enough. They have funny little stories, silly pictures and they’re right on level with what your child should be able to read, moving up in skill level as you go from book to book.

1. Scholastic at-home phonics reading program readers (my mom gave me these and I couldn’t find a link)
2. Ready to Read Starter Set
3. Fun Tales
4 and 5. Bob Books
6. Itty Bitty Phonics Readers
7. Hampton Brown Phonics and Friends (my mother-in-law gave me these and I couldn’t find a link)

I don’t know which one I’d suggest. Probably Bob Books or the scholastic set. I have no idea where you can buy the scholastic set though, sorry! And I’ve heard it’s expensive. So just go with the Bob Books! lol

After doing readers only for about a month or so we started the 100 Easy Lessons book again and Brooklyn loves it and is breezing through. I think the 100 easy lessons book is crucial because it teaches the reading concepts slowly and thoroughly. I really love that book. I really love the combination of that book with readers.

Sierra does lessons in the book along with Brooklyn. She is re-learning her letters and sounds and putting together two or three letter words. She has sounded out maybe five or ten simple words by herself but it’s not something she does regularly. Sometimes she can read a few words in a row and sometimes she acts like she doesn’t even remember a letter’s sound. I think it depends on how much and what kind of attention she’s wanting that day. lol

4 thoughts on “Reading

  • I wondered about the BOB books…I almost bought them the other day.

    Sounds like Houston is between your girls with the reading.He is 4 so I guess that would be about right.

    I will have to pick some up the next time I am at the bookstore.

  • My daughter just finished Kindergarten and we love the Bob Books. We are on the last set #5. Can I ask how many books are offered in the Scholastic At-Home Reading Program? I saw some for sale on Amazon and they have 72 listed. Is that correct? What else is included in the Scholastic set, any workbooks or guides? Sounds like something I would be interested in adding to our homeschool library. My email is Thanks Ariana!

  • I have heard really great things about that 100 Days book, but have't tried it myself. We started with Explode the Code, and it has been GREAT for Natalie. Now we do some Hooked on Phonics as supplementation and BOB books as well. She also LOVES the readers that came with our Alpha Omega LIFEPAC.

  • I have the 100 Easy Lessons, but I haven't tried looking through it yet. My only non-reader right now is my four year old (she'll be five in October). We've been really informally working, but I suppose that I will start working a little more formally this coming school year (though she'll just be Pre-K).

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