His name’s Trouble

The girls leave doors open. Payson gets into things he’s not supposed to.
He eats garbage, throws things in the toilets, rips books, grabs dishes off the table- spilling their contents everywhere, pulls of his pants and diaper, screams, cries, steals toys, gets stuck after climbing in/on/under things, and lots of other exciting things!

I’m constantly on my toes with this kid. He can reach the table, the school room tables, and both my desks and that just causes all kinds of problems.
He tries desperately to reach the counter but thankfully he’s still to short!

The girls were coloring today..

Payson saw that Brooklyn had set her baby aside to color and he tried to grab it.

Brooklyn noticed and pulled it away and Payson walked away sadly.

Very sadly.

I gave the girls a snack and started Payson’s bottle. Every single day, every single bottle, Payson sees me rinsing it out and immediately starts screaming. He’s just fine before he notices me washing the bottle, but as soon as he sets sights on it he has to have a meltdown. You know, to hurry me along, or something.

He will scream louder and louder and louder until the bottle is in his mouth. Nothing in the world will calm him down until he’s drinking that bottle.

If it takes me long enough (like a minute, maybe) he’ll even cry so hard he doesn’t breathe. Isn’t that neat?

2 thoughts on “His name’s Trouble

  • We plan on homeschooling Oren when the time comes so I really enjoy these posts about it all. I hope you still have them up in a couple of years for me to reference!!! 😉

    Oren does a similar crying spell when it comes to wanting a cup of juice. He has zero patience when it comes to waiting on anything, especially food and drinks.

  • This post made me laugh…I'm so sorry but it just mimics what happens in our house on a daily basis with Eli. He can be so much fun but then so much work. I call him my dragger….he's always dumping something or dragging something out. Neither girls did that. Needless to say my house is always a wreck. Cute picture of Payson

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