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My mother and father in law came back from Utah this weekend and came over after church. It was SO good seeing them again. We’d really missed them.
I talked with my mother in law (who is the best mother in law in the entire world) and Allan talked with his dad (who is the best father in law in the entire world).
I made pot roast. I don’t like pot roast.
Allan’s dad did all my dishes and there were a lot! ALL Saturday morning I’d deep cleaned the house and the dishes (and laundry) were the only things I had left to do. Now that my dishes are done I feel so so so happy. So so so happy.
I really love Allan’s family.

I finally started taking mealtime pictures again. This morning we had granola, yogurt and blueberries. Yum. (The next “real” food post will be sometime early next week)

After breakfast the girls played.

And Payson played.

They built a couple tents out of their blankets.

And Payson pulled the leftover granola off the table.

And we’re about to go out, I can’t believe it’s 4pm already!

2 thoughts on “This and That

  • Oh how fun! My sister and I used to build tents like that when we were kids! And then we got a bunk bed and it was EVEN BETTER!

    I love Sierra's little Tutu dress thing.

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