I have 3 very silly children

This afternoon Brooklyn put a CD (Vitamin C) in the DVD player and she and Sierra danced.

Then they found a CD slideshow of all the fairy pictures I’d taken of Addy (their cousin) in 2007.
Brooklyn played it three times and after she pushed play the third time she tells Sierra, “I turned it on again, I just LOVE Addy!”
Sierre responds, “and I love Elena!” (Elena’s Addy’s older sister)

Then they brought their microphones (lincoln log blocks) into the front room and performed for me.

As I snapped this she was singing, “I am so beautiful. I am so beauuuuutiful.”

Payson was dancing along with them the entire time. When I turned the camera on him, though, it’s all seriousness.

Until I start tickling his leg.

He’s very ticklish.

Brooklyn wrote my name. Who’s that child’s spelling teacher?? *cough*notme*cough*

3 thoughts on “I have 3 very silly children

  • I love that very first picture. The smile on Brooklyn's face is pure joy. It made me smile in response. I love it when kids are kooky and a little crazy. Our favorite times around here are when our kids do those kinds of things. They're mood is contagious, isn't it? You've got some cuties!

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