Fleeting Moments

Sometimes I find myself surprised at the realization that these moments we have every day are my children’s childhood memories.

Right now, playing together at the table with animal crackers, those are their memories- being made by the second. Ticking by faster than I want them to.

Sierra came up to me today while I fed Payson a bottle and asked, “Mommy, can you put puppets in tummies? I need to twirl.”

Animation done using Gickr.

Payson successfully got ahold of my cell phone. He was none too pleased when I took it away.

“Jim gathered the seaweed and made a weedy little house”

“Mom, is there seaweed on the couch?”
“Why do you ask?”
“This looks like seaweed”
“No, that’s Payson’s broccoli. Can you throw it away since I’m changing him?”

I dislike it when Brooklyn leaves books on the floor. I dislike it when Payson tears books.

Payson made a mess in the school room yesterday.

While cleaning the mess I overhear, “This is going to take forever. Isn’t it Seece?”
(It took one minute)


Little hands moving little players.

Have I mentioned I really like long hair on girls? I really do.

I also really like thumb suckers.

Sierra. Rarely called Sierra.

It’s Seesee.

Or Seece.

Today marked the first time Sierra’s ever lost a game.

I was surprised that she was so upset.

Pretty mellow day so far. I’m about to start cleaning up the kitchen. Joy.

7 thoughts on “Fleeting Moments

  • I love how well you capture your every day lives. Especially love the last picture of Sierra all teary-eyed. Why do tears make eyes look extra pretty?

  • Sierra must have the competitive genes of her G'ma Hall. G'ma dibs to win and hates to lose. Though, as an adult, never cries. Not in public anyway! LOL!

    I just want to hug her and say, “It'll be okay sweetheart”.

    Missing them, missing you. Thanks for being such an awesome mother to your children You are living my prayer for your life.


  • So true about these moments being our children's memories. It makes me want to be and do so much better and make sure there are none but happy ones. I wish it were just that easy to achieve.

    I love all these pictures and the perspective you took them from.

    The picture of Sierra is crying is just so sad, I want to give her a hug.

  • Love the journalistic approach to your blog! They are so interesting to read! Your kids really are growing fast..I've been talking to you for about 3 years now and have watched them grow up!

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