We have a lot of workbooks. Probably too many. When we go and do school stuff we mostly do hands on stuff and read a ton of books. As an after thought (and by request) we pull out the workbooks.

I took some pictures this morning of the ones we’re currently using.
Developing the Early Learner isn’t one I’d rebuy. Sierra’s using it right now (Brooklyn used it last year)
It came with Sonlight and I just don’t like it much. I think it’s probably just because it seems like a waste of money. There’s not enough content to justify $10 for this one book (personal opinion, of course)

In the first book there is a lot about rhyming.

Sierra’s favorite pages are the ones where you color the objects if they’re the same. She loves doing same/different activities.

I really, really love these Kumon books. We have four of them and they’re really great for early learners. Sierra’s the one using these this year.

For Sierra, since she’s so little and doesn’t have as much control, I LOVE that the letters are inside a box. It really helps her stay on the path. Her writing has improved this week since using these workbooks.

They work up to tracing letters without the use of a box.

I don’t have pictures of the inside of Brooklyn’s new first grade workbooks because holding them open while trying to take a picture was too hard.

Speaking of holding them open- I buy a workbook and HAVE to pull the pages out, hole punch them, and put them into a binder. It’s SO much easier to grab a paper out of the binder than tear it out of the workbook. It may seem like a small thing, but small chunks of time are invaluable when you’re trying to school two kids and keep up with the third!
Plus, and this is huge for me, I like to keep the worksheets after my kids complete them. Since they’re already hole punched I immediately pop them into a seperate binder (one for each girl). Easy, huh!

Oh, here are the links to the workbooks I have for Brooklyn.
I buy ALL my workbooks at Barnes and Noble. If you’re homeschooling make sure to get an educator’s card there right away, you get 20% of all books!!
Total Reading Grade 1
Flash Forward Reading Grade 1
Language Arts Grade 1

Worksheets in action..

3 thoughts on “Workbooks!

  • I love Kumon books, one of my favorites. Have you checked out Mailbox magazine yet? I love those too. They come with worksheet pages and lots of ideas for hands on stuff. 🙂

  • That's really interesting. Thanks for sharing. We have a few of the Kumon work books, and the girls love those ones. There is a teacher store near us that I find myself easily lose control of the spending when I go in. Thanks for the recommendations.

  • you are so organized! I love the Mailbox magazine too.. a lifetime ago before I was a photographer I was an elementary school teacher and I used that magazine all the time.

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