What We’ve Done for Math

For Kindergarten we used a Horizons Math K book and a Hands-On Standards book with manipulatives (links below). Sierra is currently starting with both those books and I’m about to buy the first grade levels.

Hands-On Standards preK-K was the first math book I bought for Brooklyn. I also bought a bunch of manipulatives.
I keep all the math stuff in this cute ottoman in the school room. ($20 ottoman at WalMart)

Manipulatives are the funnest thing ever. Both girls could play with manipulatives all day.

I bought all those manipulatives (and the Hands-On Standards book) at a teacher store in Texas. It was probably $100 for everything but worth every single penny.
This site sells everything together.
(I haven’t personally ordered from that site, but it’s rated ‘A’ on the BBB)

Here’s a peek into the Hands-On Standard book.
Number and Operations

Number and Operations




Data Analysis and Probability

The other thing we use for math is Horizons Math. This is a workbook approach to math.
You can buy manipulatives and use them with the book if you want to (which obviously I do!). I don’t think the teacher’s manual has any information for adding manipulatives, though, so you’d have to just figure that out yourself.
And on that subject, I didn’t buy the teacher’s manual but I’ve heard it isn’t helpful at all.

The pages are colorful and fun. Brooklyn really loved this book.

Pictures from yesterday while the girls worked.


Brooklyn played around with growing patterns.

Next time I post will be about reading and handwriting.

2 thoughts on “What We’ve Done for Math

  • We go to B&N at least once a week to get books, DVDs, math manipulatives, etc. I can't believe the large selection they have in the schooling section and that 20% membership card really comes in handy when you homeschool.

    FYI – They also have weekly printable coupons you can google for that they'll accept on top of their 20% card, some weeks the printable coupons are 10%, sometimes 20%.

    When I was looking at your Kumon pics I was wondering where they sold their books in sheets like that. Then I read that you tear them out and hole punch them. 🙂 Good idea! We have all those Kumon books and they're so darn hard to keep open and write in. Thanks for all the math tips – good info!

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