Air and Water Kindergarten Experiment

I’m going to try to do more homeschool posts from now on. I’ve been horrible at taking pictures of the funnest stuff we do, probably because I’m ‘in the moment’ so much.

Today after lunch we did a little science experiment. It’s super easy and the girls both thought it was cool.
You put a napkin in the bottom of a cup. Then you put the cup upside down into a bucket or bowl of water.

When you pull the cup out the napkin is dry.

A repairman came in during the middle of this and asks what we were all up to and Brooklyn says, “I’m doing magic tricks!”

Homeschooling can be so cheap and easy in the elementary years. The library and google are awesome resources for homeschooling, especially kindergarten!

I did a one minute google search with “kindergarten science experiments” and there were tons of sites that popped up. Two that I looked into already, and look cool, are:

After doing the experiment a couple times with different objects taped to the bottom of the cup, I let Brooklyn and Sierra play with the water in the bowl. Brooklyn was having her toy ducks play in there and she started singing, “The rain came down and the floods came up”.

And not related, but happened at the same time- Sierra had to go potty while they were playing and so she went to the bathroom and I came in to wipe her and she tells me, “you wipe peepees and you wipe bums!”
So if you’re wondering what kind of skill set you need to be a mom you already have one item to check off if you can wipe peepees and bums.

And totally unrelated, Payson has started saying a couple words and it’s the cutest thing ever. He says “ball”, “no no”, “peekaboo” and “what’s that?” (and he has said dada and baba for a while now)

Speaking of Payson.. he is such a wiggly madman while being changed. A few days ago he was twisting as usual and I said, “no no” and shook my head and put him back onto his back.
Ever since, anytime he starts to twist and turn I just say “no no” and he stops!
And then today while changing him I laid him down and he didn’t move at all, he laid there shaking his head no and saying, “nah nah”. It was adorable.

The girls were still playing with the water while I blogged this. Brooklyn came up to me and says, “is my face wet?” and I said yeah, why? She says, “I plugged my nose and closed my eyes and put my whole face under water!”
And now I hear splashing… I think water time is over.

4 thoughts on “Air and Water Kindergarten Experiment

  • I would *love* to see more homeschooling posts 🙂 We are starting with some preschool stuff here and learning from other is wonderful! When DD get's a bit older I'll be doing more posting on that too.

  • Love the homeschooling post. And thanks for sharing the links! I definitely will be checking those out.
    Cute story about Payson – I hope Sami is that cooperative at his age. She's already a wriggly monster on the changing table!

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