Sunny Saturday

Saturday this week was spent running errands with the kids and Allan. I loathe shopping. I mean seriously hate it. It takes up way too much time going to multiple stores to get what we need.

I had typed out a few paragraphs as to why we have to go to multiple stores but it was boring so I’ll just say- there isn’t one single store that has all the food options we want. So we go to three different stores.
And I try to do all my shopping in one trip to save gas. So it makes for a full afternoon of grocery shopping.

Now onto the pictures.
I’ve still been doing the daily photo of Allan. Maybe I’ll post all the pictures in a collage at the end of the month.

We spent over an hour in the book store. I was trying to find a cookbook but in the end I didn’t see anything I liked so Allan picked one out! lol

While I paid for the book Allan took the kids outside to look at the fountain. I think it was near 100 degrees right then- it was pretty hot.

Allan was not loving me taking pictures.

When we got home we just bummed around the house.

Payson did his head bob for us.

I love Allan’s smile.

I keep the disposable diapers in our ottoman and Payson loves to pull them all out. He does this daily.

I bought a new blender at Costco to make green smoothies. I took it out of the box, brought it to the cupboard, lifted it up to put it away and…..

Allan and I were laying on the couch and the girls were telling each other secrets to tell Allan and me.
The secrets consisted of, “I love you”, “pants”, and “eye”.
ar kidz ar clevr

Sierra does this face where her eyes get all big (yes even bigger than they already are, ha) and I tried to get a picture of it.

Brooklyn, never wanting anyone but her to get attention, insisted I take a picture of her big eyes.

I’ve been writing down and twittering some of the funny things the girls say during the day.
Here are a couple from yesterday.

Sierra put her box of raisins on the picnic table and then gives me this stern look and says, “you don’t eat all mine raisins. They are mine to eat!”

Sierra was complaining about being cold while in the *mountains (it was a freezing 75 degrees). She was saying, “I’m freezing, I’m cold, I’m freeeeeeezing”. Allan told her, “You’re cold? I thought you were Sierra!” Sierra replies, “I’m cold and I’m Sierra.”
(*mountain post coming soon)

We were talking about fruit last night at dinner and about where it comes from. We were talking about bananas growing in the jungle and how monkeys live in the jungle and eat bananas.
Brooklyn pipes up, “yeah, monkeys pick bananas for people to eat!”

There are a lot more that I’ve been keeping track of through my twitter account. It’s SO awesome to be able to text in the funny things they say instead of trying to write them down on a scrap paper in the store. I used to lose all of the papers I kept and I rarely had a pen on me. Twitter is awesome!

5 thoughts on “Sunny Saturday

  • I do the same thing about writing down what my kids say! I either twitter them, or write them into my cell phone if it's too long to twitter, or I have a document open on my computer all the time… I just have to click and add. I have been reading yours and cracking up! Kids are so silly!

  • Oh just now as I was reading your post my daughter Alayna (almost 4) walks by and points at Sierra and says, “Mommy who is that little girl?” And I said, “Just a little… I don't know her.” To which she replies, “OH Mommy we must find out who she is! Just ask her Mommy!” Then I explain to her that if we don't know who she is… we'll never find her. So she says, “Just show all the Mommies that picture until you find HER Mommy! Her Mommy will know her!”


  • That stinks about the blender! Sorry.

    How do you do the moving picture of Payson? That's so cute.

    I love hearing the funny things that kids say. I keep mine written in a notebook too.

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