Pinal Mountains Trip

This weekend we went up into the mountains. I loooove mountains!
Allan wisely brought Payson’s pack n’ play and Payson really didn’t mind hanging out in there.

We’ve gotten used to near 100 degree temps so going up to the perfect 70 degree weather was an adjustment for our girls.

It really wasn’t cool enough for sweaters when we first got there, but whatever.

We ate first thing since it was past lunch time.

As I was taking pictures of Sierra, Brooklyn threw a scoop of dirt right in her eyes 🙁

Look at that dirty face.

Brooklyn got a timeout and wasn’t too happy about it.

Payson LOVES football. It’s his favorite toy hands down. He throws, kicks and runs with the ball. It’s adorable and Allan, being the huge football fan he is, loves it 🙂

Allan showed the girls how to throw a frisbee.

I climbed up this broken tree.

And got a little dirty in the process.

We found a rope swing and spent some time taking turns swinging.

Payson didn’t get a turn. Poor thing.

Who gets to swing next??

The view.

9 thoughts on “Pinal Mountains Trip

  • What a gorgeous view! The background behind you on that tree is gorgeous. It's a cool picture, almost like you are floating there. I really like the pictures on the swing. What a fun time. I love mountains too.

  • I know it shouldn't be like this, but looking at your pictures make me so sad and jealous. :c( I wish my life could be happy and easy again, just for a while. I hope things settle down at some point so we can have a family outing and laugh and smile together. Wah.
    Anyway, great pictures, great moments. Loved it all (of course)!!
    I've missed your blogging the last few days!

  • Oh my….Levi is in my lap and he saw that pic of Payson and freaked out! He got SO excited! He started waving and I said “That's Payson” and he started trying to say his name! It was SO CUTE! He keeps waving at the screen and blowing Payson kisses!!! I wish we lived closer together again so that our kiddos could play together. The girls are always talking about your girls and asking to make videos for them! 😉

    Anyway…loved all these pics!!

    Ok…my kids are ALL 3 screaming at me now, so I better go!

  • Wow, I really wish we could go and do something like this. There just isn't anything like this anywhere over here, which you are aware of. 😉 Looks like you guys had a great day!!! I've really missed your blog. I'm trying to balance things in my life a little better so hopefully I will check in a little more often at night once Oren is in bed.

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