The last hour

I went, I cleaned, I conquered.

Can you believe all those dishes drying on my counters?? That’s only a day and a half worth!

I still have to mop.

I even organized my desk! (It was pretty bad)

I also cleaned up these two.

And while I’m blogging just now I’m feeding this grumpy boy.

After Payson eats I’ll mop, fold the laundry, and then do school the rest of the afternoon.

I’m tired.

9 thoughts on “The last hour

  • Wow, you've gotten a lot more accomplished than I have today! I've weeded the rock wall that runs along our back yard, I cleaned the kitchen, and did some laundry. I spent Cayden's entire nap reading a book that I needed to finish for my book club tonight and now I'm online. Sometimes I suspect I need to budget my time better to get more done. Do you have a certain cleaning schedule that you follow?

    To answer your question…no, I didn't get a discount. They cost a little under $200. Tim was super generous in agreeing to let me do this. He has always told me that he appreciates that I am pretty low maintenance when compared to what he sees other women spending on mani/pedi's and massages and makeup etc. He turns it into a compliment by telling me I am a natural beauty LOL. I talked him into it by showing him how I intend to cut some other things out and save and work it into the budget.

    Even though they didn't turn out exactly like I want, (I intend to have them a littler thinner next time…you get them “filled” as your eyelashes grow and fall out, kind of like if you had acrylic nails) It's kind of nice to do something to make me feel a little more feminine and pretty. I don't always feel that way doing the stay at home mommy thing. Know what I mean?

  • Wow! Good job mama!! I laughed when I got to the picture of the girls w/your quote that you also cleaned them up. πŸ™‚

    Is that a wedding pic of you and Allan on your desk? I'd love if you shared those on your blog sometime!

  • Woah moma!!! I'm SO happy you posted the “before” pictures!! that was such a treat! πŸ˜‰ I love knowing that my house is looking pretty normal like other mom's houses! However…now YOURS is CLEAN and mine is NOT! πŸ˜‰ So I better get to work! I actually have had the computer off the ENTIRE day today. I had to make some changes. I keep saying I'm going to do it and then don't do it…but this time I'm sticking to it! (I'm begging God for the strength to kick this computer habit!!!) It is amazing to me how much TIME we had together today!!! My computer time was sucking the life out of all of us! Anyway…I've only got a few minutes here, so I just wanted to say I'm still stopping by to check every time I'm online! πŸ˜‰ The house looks amazing! You are such a great wife/mom!!!!!

  • Well great job! It looks wonderful. I'll need to get started on that tomorrow. (Maybe I should do a post on it too) Because on Sunday we're having a Father's Day Luau with my family. It's our 3rd consecutive year! So we'll need the house looking like that too… so it can just turn back into your pre-pictures anyway. Oh well.

    I love your desk! The screen is AWESOME! I soooo want one. My Macbook's screen is small.

  • You are a RoCKSTaR!! How in the world do you do it all!! Even the before picture are clean compared to what I am living in right now. Thank goodness baseball season is almost over… it consumes our life!!

    I saw the picture frame on your desk!! My Sister gave me the same one for Momma's Day… Super cute!!

  • aahhhh… nothing like the feeling of a clean house! Congrats, looks fantastic. And the kids look great too, very funny that you cleaned them too!

    (btw – you asked on my blog about me being a SAHM – yes, I'm very excited, I've wanted to SAH since day one! Only 1 week to go!!)

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