Dead Battery

my camera battery is dead, so no new photos.
I do have this one from April. Just a random one I pulled off my hard drive so that I could have something to share.

Allan was being silly in the background, maybe I’ll post the one I took just after this that’s showing him. It’ll have to wait, though, I’ve really got to get to the store. It’s 6:30pm and it’s a 30 minute drive… gonna be a late night for the kids!

2 thoughts on “Dead Battery

  • Payson looks so different with all that hair! :c) Are you growing it back now? I'm thinking H is about ready for his first trim…it's looking a little Billy Ray if you know what I mean. ;c) lol
    Do you live 30 minutes away from all your stores, or just a few specific ones? We only have a WalMart here and — honestly — I'd rather drive 40 miles to get to a Target and a mall.

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