One simple little birthday

Grandma and grandpa came over. There were a couple presents and there was cake. It was simple. I think it was just right for Payson.

He really loves the gift grandpa and grandma got him.

And we actually only got him one gift! Crazy, I know, but he has plenty of clothes and toys >shrug<

Poor kid. Every single toy he owns ends up in the girls’ hands.

He loved his cake. He was smashing it and throwing it and screaming.

10 thoughts on “One simple little birthday

  • Aww! The second b&w pic where Payson's mouth is wide open, I just sighed out loud…sooo cute! I want to reach through the computer and squeeze him. 🙂 Your simple party is very cute.

    Did you guys just start painting red? I love how it looks like there is texture on the wall. Did you do that or is that standard in your house?

  • I love all the cake pictures! He looks so happy. We almost didn't get Eli anything for his birthday and still only ended up with a couple of gifts from us. When both his sisters want to get a separate gift, things start to get expensive. I love the simple party idea.

  • It looks like you all had fun. I laughed when I saw how the girls were taking Payson's toys. Jaxon is more excited about Jonas' upcoming birthday than Jonas and has been providing advice on what to get him. He then says “Jonas will share his toys with me” I think first birthdays are so fun but a bit of a bad deal if the birthday boy has an older sibling 🙂 – Daniel –

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