A Day in the Life

I decided to do another day in the life post.
I spent most of Saturday morning cleaning the house (with Allan’s help). I woke up today sad to see that the house looked trashed from Payson’s little birthday bash (in the post below).
Rather than be upset that all my hard work this weekend was “ruined” I thought I’d take pictures all day to motivate me to keep positive while working.
Pictures always make me happy.

At the beginning I only took pictures of the rooms as I finished cleaning up.

I did a load of cloth diapers.

I cleaned my bathroom, including organizing my counter.

Then I decided maybe I was sick of being ugly and I’d do my hair and makeup for a change.
Taking a picture of yourself while straightening your hair proved harder than I expected.

I looooove my CHI straightener.

Taking a picture in the mirror was just as hard as using the timer!

Doing laundry isn’t fun
I wish my laundry was done

The endless cleaning got old so I stopped to play with the girls (Payson was napping).

And then we had pumpkin bread. YUM.

Your turn!

10 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  • I love your posts like this! I plan on doing this type of post for my family while we are living apart this next year.

    And your house looks great! I had to admire it because we are in the process of packing so my house looks a bit like a bomb went off!

  • I love when you do these posts…I also feel like a very bad person for not blogging in FOREVER when I see these! Lol.

    I am so jealous of all those cabinets! My counter top is NEVER empty b/c I seriously only have 2 top cabinets and no separate pantry. I love my old historical house, but it def. has it's down sides, that being one of them. Makes me want to ditch it and get a new build, lol. All the clean house pics have just inspired me, I think I'm going to drink a coffee for energy and run around like a maniac picking up! Ha!!

    I see the Tom's on your bathroom counter. Do you like it? That is one product I have not been able to give up the chemical version of yet, lol.

    Your blue nail polish is so fun and your expressions in the mirror pics have me LOL. Fun post, really. I feel inspired. 🙂

  • I am sooooo going to do a whole “day in the life” post soon too! These are so fun to see! I may just put on makeup that day cuz I am usually without it.

    I love how clean your house is! Wow! That is amazing. With 4 adults and 3 kids living here, our house is usually a little cluttered. Haha.

    BTW your hair looks great. Chi is the best isn't it?!

    And I love that picture of you and sierra.

  • I don't mind throwing the laundry in the machine and then moving it over to the dryer… I just hate folding the things.


  • I think these posts are so much fun. I feel like I should definitely take pictures of my house when it clean since it doesn't stay that way for very long. Your hair is getting long…I love it. I'm letting mine grow back out…me and short hair just don't get along. 🙂 And your blue nail polish made me smirk. I have blue toe nails. I got bored while giving the kids a bath and that was the only color in the bathroom.

  • I love your kitchen, especially the countertops! I love reading these posts, and it makes me want to do another one, but I really need to clean first. 🙂

  • I super love these posts!!!! I want to do one too…but only after I get caught up in all this client work…I shouldn't even be here looking at your blog, but I can't help it!! lol I'm rewarding myself for finishing ONE session today and now I'm off to start on another!!!!!

  • I love that picture of you on the couch with Sierra. It's so happy and loving.

    I have a chi straightener too. I only use it a few times a year though. It works really well, but every time I use it, I swear I get a thousand split ends just from that one time. Do you use something to protect your hair from damage? Any recommendations?

  • You are just too cute! Love the blue nails. Maybe when I become a stay at home mom in 2 weeks I'll add one of these posts to my blog. For now, i don't think my job would appreciate me taking pics of myself at work! 😉

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