I need a nap.

Today has been a really boring day, I’m not going to lie.
I’m trying to come up with something even remotely interesting to blog about but my mind is pretty much giving me back exactly what I’ve put into it, which is a whole lotta nothing today.

I have a lot I want to think and talk about but I’ve been so busy. Really, really busy. I’ve been keeping my house clean, cooking healthy meals, baking up a storm, schooling the kids, doing laundry, all that lovely mothering stuff.
Geez, I listed off those general tasks and suddenly feel like I should have a lot more time than I do. It’s funny how misleading talking about what one does all day can be.

If I listed off every single thing I did, all the little (and big) tasks I accomplished, it would seem like a lot more but it would also be extremely boring.
For instance- today I spent five minutes just getting the poopy cloth diapers from the wet bag into the washing machine. Ha, gloriously fun stuff to read about, I’m sure.

Mostly anything I’d want to blog about would require more than the five minutes I [don’t] have to blog right now.
As I type Brooklyn and Sierra are singing a made up song at the top of their lungs. Payson is joining with screeching. Happy children they are. Noisy children they are.

So yesterday I baked all morning. I’m trying to do a one big baking day instead of spreading it out through the week. That was a brilliant idea- I still have baked goods enough for another two days!! Woohoo.

There’s another batch of muffins not shown in that picture.

A random picture of Sierra at breakfast.

A surprisingly large part of my day is spent doing a perimeter check of my house. OK, not really a perimeter check, but I do a walk past all the bathrooms and the school room to make sure the girls haven’t left doors open. Payson has this sixth sense about there being access to forbidden places in the house. His favorite is the school room, which I love for him to love, if I’m there.
Otherwise he pulls books off shelves, rips them, chews them. Gets into crayons, eats them. Gets into office supplies, totally not baby friendly..
Below is what happens when a child, who shall respectfully be unnamed but happens to be the oldest, left the pantry door open. Payson finds the middle to an orange and munches away. One can only hope that the orange wasn’t laying on top of say, raw chicken discards before he retrieved it.

And again, what happens when a door is left open by a child, who shall respectfully be unname but is once again the oldest- Payson gets into the bathroom and heads straight for the toilet. There are a million fun things to do with a toilet and if there is toilet paper nearby, the possibilities are endless.

He points when he’s excited, happy or has just been caught doing something he knows he’s not supposed to. I think it looks like he’s saying, “No, you are the one getting into things you’re not supposed to”
or maybe, “you guys are the ones leaving the doors open and tempting me.”
I found him and called out, “Payson, what are you doing?” right as he was going for the toilet and he started giggling like mad.

I decided I am going to start taking a picture of Allan every day for a month. I don’t have nearly enough pictures of him.

We had tacos tonight for dinner. Payson really liked it. Brooklyn threw a mini fit at first but ended up eating hers and liking it a lot. Sierra, in typical Sierra fashion, ate hers up as if she wouldn’t ever get a chance to eat again.

I wrote this post earlier today but am just now getting time to publish it. It’s super late. I just took a shower and lotioned up with this new stuff I bought, it’s Burt’s Bees brand. I think it stinks really bad and I’m seriously going to go take another shower to get it off me! lol

5 thoughts on “I need a nap.

  • Love the idea of getting more pics of your hubby. I need to do that too – sadly mine is camera shy!

    Great picture of Payson with the orange. He's like – “what's wrong mommy? it's food!”

  • You think Bert's Bees stinks?! I LOVE that stuff, its all I use. Try the Mamma Bee stuff, you'll want to eat it, it smells so good! I am stocking up on Baby Bee as well for my soon-to-be #3 (due in July).

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE your food posts!
    I wish you would post more of 'em. Im tryin so hard to make healthier changes in our diets but my husband is the pickier than most kids. I have slowly got him to add and try new things but still so far off from where I want us. Please (when you get the time and if you feel like it) post some more of your meals and links to where you get your healthy recipes or even post your own recipes. 🙂

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