Canyon Lake – Payson’s first lake trip!

Allan thought it’d be fun to do a little evening trip to the lake this weekend.
First here’s a very short video.
We left the house around 5:30pm and got to the lake at 6:30.
The sun was still bright, there were still a ton of people there.

I took Sierra and Payson in the water while Allan took Brooklyn. Sierra was scared and cold (it was chilly when you first stepped in but not too bad at all). I had to convince her that it was perfectly safe as long as she was holding on to me (and she did have a floaties).
After we’d swam for a half hour or so she wanted to sit on the shore in a towel. Allan gave her a sucker and she was one happy little girl.

Allan, Brooklyn, Payson and I kept on splashing.

Payson’s never been to a pool or a lake before. When I first put him in up to his waist his eyes got big and he looked up at me to check my expression. I could tell he was searching my face to see if this was a good experience or a scary experience.

Literally within a split second he was smiling and splashing and having a great time.
He loved looking around at all the mountains and other families.

He kept watching me bob in the water by him and then smiling at me and then going back to playing with the rings on his floatie and looking around.

Payson really lit up when Brooklyn started giving him attention. Normally he’s kinda annoyed with her but floating along side her in the water he was really excited to get some attention.

And Brooklyn.
Brooklyn’s face was like this the entire time-

She swam to Allan, to Payson, to me. She was having the best time. Allan and her went out into the lake a bit while I stayed with the little two nearer to the shore. They were laughing and squealing (ok, Brooklyn was the only one squealing) and having a great time together.

Drifting on over to me and Payson (Allan took this)

When the light started to fade we got out, bundled up and ate several suckers each (not me, though, I was taking pictures!)

I’ve been remembering to ask Allan to take pictures of me and Allan’s been doing a really good job of it. He even sets the exposure now! Awesome, huh?

Payson loves sharing.

I really love my boys.

And very last minute I realized I hadn’t taken any lake pictures. I snapped a couple right before we packed up and left.

Even though we got home super late I just had to bathe the kiddos. They were all lake-ish. Blech.
Rub-a-dub-dub, three kids in the tub (hey there’s a green tip for ya, bathe your kids together and save water. lol)

10 thoughts on “Canyon Lake – Payson’s first lake trip!

  • You guys always do the funnest things! What lake did you go to? I haven't been to the lake in a few years… and before I had my girls we went a lot. The girls have never been.

    We'll probably go this summer… my Dad has been wanting to go.

    Oh and what's better than suckers at the lake?

  • I love your pictures, they are so cute! I love reading about your kids because they are so much like my own. Mine are 5,4, and 10 months. Their personalities are so similar as well, and it's kind of funny reading your blog because my kids do and say so many of the same things as your kids. My oldest loves the water too, my middle child doesn't care for it, and my youngest is a water baby and can't get enough!

  • So much fun! I'm hoping to get in some fun trips this summer as a family. Kind of hard with a teenage daughter but we will still try. I love all your pictures and video. The lake is beautiful.

  • Oh yeah…and was you brave enough to take your camera out in the water? Way to go because those pictures of Brooklyn are gorgeous.

  • Your photography is, as always, beautiful. What is your secret to protecting your camera in the water? I'd be much too scared to take mine out.

  • That looks like a lot of fun! The pictures of the lake are gorgeous! (And I always bathe my kids together – it saves me time as well as water!)

  • Ok, I am seriously jealous of all your awesome posts lately!!! SO many great pictures and fun trips with the kids!!! I loved this post! The pictures were seriously AMAZING! So clear and crisp and pretty!!! Love all the fun expressions and I really love that Allan has been taking such great pics of you with the kids lately! It's so nice to see you on the other side of the camera! πŸ™‚ What a beautiful view that was of the lake! So pretty at sunset! Anyway, I am seriously slackin lately and need to get my game on! I will try to take some pics today. I'm so swamped and drowning in client work that I'm letting documenting my own family fall to the way side. That is NOT cool. I don't like me when I do that! Anyway, I loved this post and the one of Payson before! SO MANY adorable pictures of him!!!!!

  • Oh and I just remembered there was a video and went back and watched it! I just love your family so much!! Yall are so sweet and cute together! πŸ™‚

  • Wow, what pretty scenery there too! Looks like a lot of fun!
    Love the bathtime photo! I can't wait to take pictures of my kids in the bath tub..I don't know why..but I just LOVE bath pictures!

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