Baby so soft

I love summer. Summer means Payson running around in just a diaper most days.

He’s a busy kid, he doesn’t have time for getting dressesd!

Put a shirt on or have an extra few seconds to play with mommy’s flipflops?! Easy choice!

And I was lucky enough to get his goofy face! He always tilts his head

way back

way way back

He toddles. Crawling is so last month.

I mentioned it briefly in the ice cream post; Payson LOVES to dance. He bobs his head and spins in circles and skips and sways. It’s really cute.

He does this a lot, too. He loves it when I come crawling up and stick my head under his arm to kiss him. It makes him laugh so hard he falls over. lol

I was never a fan of baby toys before Payson. Brooklyn and Sierra didn’t really like them. Payson, on the other hand, loves them. All of them.
He shakes, spins, pushes, stacks, taps, and totally “gets” toys. It’s so fun watching the difference between baby boys and girls. At least my baby boy and my baby girls.

Look at that eczema 🙁

I’ve been trying some natural remedies for eczema but with no luck so far. I went back to the hydrocortisone cream yesterday and it’s almost cleared up! That stuff truly works.
Any of you readers have any good natural tips for eczema?

8 thoughts on “Baby so soft

  • One of the cutest posts ever! Especially the ones of his goofy face leaning back.

    I don't know if it was this way for you, but I feel like I am appreciating little boys now for the first time in my life. Before I had one of my own, I really only noticed little girls. Now I see little boys and feel like I “get” them and I see how adorable they are. I'm enjoying the differences I see between my girls and my little buddy too.

  • I don't know hoe “natural” it is, but I use Aquaphor daily on my girls (they both have eczema). N used to get it REALLY bad on her legs and wrists. Then we had her allergy tested and found out she has a slight milk protein allergy. And she was drinking a lot of milk. So we switched her to soy and it pretty much all cleared up. Now as long as I put the Aquaphor on after baths it doesn't flare up. E still gets it bad on her feet/ankles. We had her allergy tested but it came back with nothing. Now she still gets flare up from time to time, and when she does we have to use the hydrocortisone cream. But once it clears up, we just use the Aquaphor. I used to do it everytime I changed her diaper, but now that she's potty trained, I just try to remember to do it 2-3 times a day. It was easier when it was cooler, because I'd put her in socks and tennishoes, but now she wears sandals all the time. The key is consistency, because I have found that when I forget to put it on her is when she has a flare up.

  • He is such a hoot…I love his silly face. Too adorable. It must be something with boys because Eli is always singing and dancing. Jordan did when she was a baby but Brooklyn not so much. I just love this age that the boys are now. They are so much fun.

  • I saw a study recently that said if you add a half a cup of bleach to the bathwater that it had amazing results.

    (I haven't tried it since my kids' eczema cleared up once we figured out their allergies, but it's worth a try.)

  • Oatmeal Baths and Aphaupor helped us. We also used some natural stuff in a teal bottle. They make stuff for cradle cap too…I cannot remember the name 😛

    Houston had a milk allergy so we tried to avoid milk and just gave him, cooked with etc. Soy milk.

  • Egyptian Magic. I can buy it here(in SK, Canada) at health food stores and baby boutiques. It is natural and it works wonders.

  • He is so cute! I bet you have more pictures of your kids than any other mom! haha…I'll be the same way, I love how you do so many photos daily and your kids are going to love having them when they grow up too!

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