What the Kids and I Do

while Allan works.

I take pictures of the view from our front porch.

I take pictures of the work in progress.

I interrupt the work in progress for pictures of me and my baby boy.

Baby boy plays in and snacks on rocks.

Brooklyn looks really cute.

Payson explores.

And loses the priviledge within a minute as he heads toward a cactus.

Brooklyn helps out.

Sierra attempts to quiet down her whiny brother.

Payson glares at mommy for strapping him in.

But he can’t resist funny noises.

Out of boredom he plays with the stroller straps.

And that’s about it.
Oh and lots of talking.
Lots and lots of talking from all parties involved.
And whining. And screaming.
And whining, screaming, or both from three certain adorable (but loud) little people.

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