Those Angel Eyes, how they melt me

She struggles to find her place in the family.

She’s not the leader, she’s not the baby.

I try to show her..

that’s she’ll always be my baby girl.

Even when she isn’t requesting attention.

The need to just stop everything to squeeze her is there.

She is my baby girl.

She always will be.

She’s most definitely not allowed to grow up.

She’s going to live with me forever. And ever.

because I’m not a good sharer.

And mostly because I’d miss her too dang much.

5 thoughts on “Those Angel Eyes, how they melt me

  • That second picture just breaks my heart but seeing her smile in all the rest actually melts my heart. She's adorable and such a wonderful little being. 🙂 A very sweet post!!

  • Love it! I feel much the same way about my middle child. Age 3 has been my favorite by far with her. She is the sweetest thing to walk this earth and I dread the day she grows up and leaves me behind.

  • Absolutely adorable. What a sweet post. I can relate so well with my little Abby. I always worry about her falling through the cracks in our family being the middle child, currently demanding the least of our time. You expressed my feelings exactly.

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