6 thoughts on “Nothing Better than Quarters at WalMart

  • Wow I love your blog! The layout, the colors in the pics really look professional like a magazine ad, and how you made a day out for ice cream a total event!

  • I take the kids to Peter Piper a lot and they go crazy in there! Most of the time though if I don't give them money for tokens they're just happy to play on the slide all day. What wonders all those machines can do… because sometimes I might lose my sanity.

    I agree your pictures are always so amazing.

  • I'm sorry about the deleted comment…I just couldn't let the typos go! lol
    Freaky, freaky, freaky!
    I know your pictures were from a different day, but yesterday we were at WalMart and the troops started getting restless. I NEVER give them quarters for the “junk machines”, but I had a few in my pocket and was feeling rather charitable so I gave each of the girls 3.
    Emmy got a gumball, a bouncy ball, and took a trip on Tigger's mail truck. Peyton got Reeses Pieces, a tiny plastic puppy, and hitched a ride with her sister.
    They were in little kid heaven.
    And now I come here and read/see this. How can this be? Another odd similarity between our days.
    This is getting weird. ;c)

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