Ice Cream is the Leading Cause of Happiness in Children

Before we go get that ice cream, how about a picture first?

Um, the head tilt is delightfully natural but maybe we can get a shot with your heads up just to see what that’s like?

Sierra rushed into the ice cream shop, went straight over to the rows of flavors, caught sight of the cotton candy bright blue and hollered out, “I want the blue one, I want the blue one!”. Man I love that girl and her decisiveness.

Payson felt the need to be close to someone as he mourned the fact that he was not privy to the delectable treat his sisters enjoyed mere feet away.
Since mom was taking pictures rather than cuddling him, he found the next best thing.

I told the girls that we needed to go outside like rightnow because it was so fantastically gorgeous out there.

Sierra was so happy about our little trip.

As was Brooklyn, seen below thinking about how lucky she is to have such an awesome mom. (Or at least that’s what I tell myself)

But wait, there’s a moment of darkness to this tale. When asked who would give mommy a taste I was met with this face:

And then what’s this? Boredom?? We can NOT have boredom during our ice cream adventure! This will have to be fixed…

right after I take a couple more pictures of the girls, that is.

Having had enough of Payson’s vacant stares I decided to let the little dude go for a stroll.

He was very thankful.

And he wouldn’t stand still. He’d been set free and no way no how was he going to let me or my camera stop him for a second!

He explored the joint. Mostly on the hunt for delicious garbage.

Meanwhile all that sugar was starting to go to Sierra’s brain.

Aaaand looks like the sugar did it’s job here as well.

Uh oh. I thought I said ice cream was the leading cause of happiness? This does not look like happiness. This looks like a child who stole her sister’s toy and then threw a fit when sister took it back. How dare she?

Payson doesn’t care about his silly sisters’ bickering. He’s having a grand old time laughing at mommy while she sings him a little ditty.

He has himself a bit of a dance.

And laughs and laughs.

Brooklyn is happy because she got her toy back. (Sierra was happy by then, too, thankfully)

And it all ends well.

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