Cruising the Streets at almost One Year Old

Payson likes to think that with his birthday just around the corner he’s suddenly a big kid.

“Oh no, I’ve got this guys, I’ve totally mastered this walking thing so I’ll be on my way..”

“I’m going down to the nail salon, mom, be back in half an hour.”
“If I don’t make eye contact, mom will never know I’m here.”

And the treasure of the entire roaming experience? A delicate little flower that Payson spent quite some time holding softly and admiring.

Aww, my little sensitive guy.

Or maybe not so sensitive, maybe just hungry. That’d be my guess based on the fact that he ate the thing a second after I snapped this next shot.

“If it wasn’t meant for eating, why’d it look so dang tasty??”
“And what’s this?! An entire BOWL full of flowers!”

“Maybe I can grab one when mom turns around.”

6 thoughts on “Cruising the Streets at almost One Year Old

  • He is soooo cute! I love the colors in these photos. That blue on him is great! My nephew is very light skinned and has Payson's hair color… and I always like to see him in light blues too.

    So is he having a birthday party?!

  • I know I keep saying it, but Payson…wow! He is walking like a big boy! Doesn't even look like he's toddling in these pictures. I love the ones of him with the flowers. It's so sweet when babies pick up some kind of every day object from nature and study it like it's the most fascinating thing they've ever seen. Very cute pic, all of them.

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