Cloth Diapering Revisited. Pocket Diaper Review

This entire post is about cloth diapering- a bit detailed, too. Lots of links and stuff so if you’re interested in cloth diapering, read on. If not- you might want to skip this one!

I’ve been cloth diapering Payson with the Fuzzibunz Pocket Diapers I used back when Sierra was two.

Most moms who use fuzzibunz like them well enough, but I don’t.

Before the negatives, here is the good stuff
The fit was really good, they’re SUPER cute and pretty darn trim.
The bad
They retain odor really bad no matter what washing/drying method I use.

I started using regular old prefolds and white nylon covers (think of the setup your mom or grandma used- the pins and all- that’s what I’ve been using).
They are super easy to wash and don’t have any odor whatsoever!! Yay!
The only negative thing is that they are ridiculously bulky and they can bunch up at the top of Payson’s waist when he’s really active.

With this in mind I went in search of something I could use that would be slightly more easy and trim. I found out about fitted diapers (with snaps, sweet) and the huge selection of covers out there.

I did a bit more research and narrowed down my selection. It all just came in the mail today and just browsing through I think this setup is really going to work for me. I’ll give a review of how everything’s working out in a couple weeks. But my mini review on first glance is that those fitted diapers (#2 below) are the softest things ever and I want to wear one! lol

1. One Large Planet Wise Wet Bag (for storing/soaking diapers between washes)
2. Eight Kissaluvs Organic Cotton Hemp Fitted Diapers
3. One BumGenuis Diaper Sprayer (I used to use flushable liners to catch the bulk of poo, but I figured this way was easier)
4. Three (for now) Thirsties Diaper Covers
5. I bought tons of wipes (25) because I’m using them for the girls (pee) as well. I got a variety. These, these, and these.
And since we’re talking wipes, here is a great site with wipe solution “recipes”.

While I was meandering around cloth diaper sites I saw quite a few products for moms, too. These cloth pads caught my eye. They look so dang soft and comfortable and don’t have all those pesty chemicals that disposable pads do and I figured, what the heck, I might as well try them.

I admit I probably won’t do a review on them because I try to stay away from talking about anything menstrual related on my blog! Sorry- just a personal thing. lol (and I’m sure the few men that read my blog from time to time are thanking me for that!)

6 thoughts on “Cloth Diapering Revisited. Pocket Diaper Review

  • Hmmmm…so comfortable you want to wear them yourself? I might have to look into those…. LOL
    Honestly, if I weren't always so busy and racing from one place to another I'd probably give cloth diapering a try. As it is, I'm just too busy and disposable diapers are so fast and easy. :c( Makes me feel guilty, but it is what it is.
    And I'm sorry, but I laughed out loud about the cloth pads comment(s)…I can definitely understand why you wouldn't be eager to share the details of THAT review!

  • How funny that you don't like Fuzzibunz! I love them and have never had any problem with odor in them. Maybe it's a difference in the water supply or what our kids eat? Glad you are finding other stuff you like though! For wipes I have always just used baby washclothes. Good for you trying the mommy stuff too, I've never been able to go that far!

  • I think the difference in the odor some people have with the fuzzibunz is that people have different water. I noticed some odor but it was more pea order….ammonia related I guess?

    You can make the wipes out of flannel recieving blankets or go to the store and get some cheap flannel πŸ™‚

    For wipes for poop or to take out I do this….

    One roll paper towel
    1 tbsp essential oil
    and 1 tbsp of your favorite natural soap.

    I use an old baby wipes container to store them in at the house and other small containers when I am out.

    If you use the thinner towels they are flusable πŸ™‚

    I like using the lavender oil πŸ™‚ A lavendar soap makes them even more fragrency but not harsh on the skin.

    I keep a mixture of the solution in a squirt bottle so I can always make more….I don't add the solution to the towels though until it is in the wipes container…does that make sense?

  • Great post! I think I've already mentioned that it was a previous post you did on cloth diapering that got me started on it. Before that, I never knew there was anything besides prefolds and pull on covers (which I actually have some of now) and the dunk/swish method of rinsing. I really think more people would do cloth diapering if they new how easy and non-disgusting it can be. Make sure you update on how you like the new diapers (I would love to hear how the kissuluvs fitteds work for you).

  • Aww, these are awesome! I wanted to cloth diaper SO BADLY- I tried it with Austin but at that time I caught so much flack from EVERYONE about it, I ended up giving in to the peer pressure and going to disposables. I never even thought twice with Devin. And with Kaitlyn, I went back & forth between cloth & disposable, but I couldn't afford the GOOD cloth diapers (like the ones you showed). Oh, ps, I got my Sonlight catalog today with your photo on the cover! I feel so special to “know” you! Even K pointed out, “hey, that's Bwookwyn and Seeeeera!” lol

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