How funny is this??

I took the kids to get ice cream today (pictures to come!) and I got back and checked out my friend Jordan’s blog and she’d taken her kids for ice cream today at the same time! How ironic, huh??

And then the other funny part is her son, Hudson (3 weeks older than Payson) was doing this same thing as Payson, reaching for stuff behind glass. Though her son was smarter and went for candy, whereas Payson went for… shampoo? Is he trying to tell me something about his hair? Maybe he wants the tiny dab of pomade washed out?

Seriously go see the picture she posted. Kinda funny, huh?

And I am working on getting those other pictures from today ready to post, but I have to finish making dinner first. Joy oh joy.

3 thoughts on “How funny is this??

  • What's also kinda freaky for me is that I *also* took my kids out for ice cream today! But it was just me and the girls. We went after church tonight and Graham was home with Daddy. So not at the same time as ya'll, and I don't have any pics to prove it… but still! 🙂

  • Finally home from work…7:00 am…I'm dead tired but you know what? I absolutely HAD to hop on my computer and check this pic out before getting my much-needed sleep.
    And it's even freakier than I was imagining! lol
    How weird. Really. For us to both have taken pics of our little guys pawing at random goods behind a pane of glass.
    Anyway, off to dreamland…I'll check in again when I wake up and maybe *hint hint* you'll have the rest of the pics for me to look at since I won't be taking any of my own. ;C)

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