For Now

Sorry I haven’t posted those other pictures from yesterday yet. My photoshop elements program is refusing to work which means I can’t even resize pictures.
I guess my computer is trying to tell me that 230GB worth of pictures is too much for it to handle. lol

I have to transfer those pictures to the pretty much empty external hard drive here on my desk and then I’ll get back to posting!

For now here’s a picture of Brooklyn fake crying the other day.

She’s such a drama queen.

3 thoughts on “For Now

  • Oh yes… I have one of those at home. Actually one and a half.

    My external is finally full! So I am gonna have to go buy a new one soon. I might as well just go for a terabyte now. LOL

  • I got my Sonlight catalog in the mail today. I couldn't believe it when my daughter looked at it and goes “hey mom, that's my friend!” like she knows your girls personally lol.

  • I am laughing out loud at this pic!! She will really appreciate it when she is 16!! 😉

    Since the hubs bought be a new camera, I told him he had to purchase Element… Goes hand in hand, Right?! Just learning how to use it… hopefully I will catch on soon!!

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