4 thoughts on “Do you Twitter?

  • I see you already found me! I've tweeted once, ok make that twice now. I can never remember to go there. And I don't know that many people that are on there yet. I haven't even put up a profile pic!

  • I LOVE twitter! It's pretty awesome. I am following you now… you can find me… mrsmamaduckie.

    About a month ago I finally set up twitter on my cell phone… so now I can tweet all day long. So much fun! I joined because most of my family is on there… and lots of them live out of state… or I don't see them often. So it's fun to be able to see what people are up to.

  • I have WANTED to joing twitter, but I'm afraid that it would just end up sucking me in like blogging/facebook/google reader have and I'd end up not even being able to get myself dressed in the morning for fear of losing out on my internet time. ;c)
    I got your invite last night to join, but I just can't let myself go there. I have no self-control.

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