Snippets of my Day

A blog friend of mine recently did a day in the life post. I’ve been meaning to get back into those so I followed suit 🙂

Today I’m going to do something different and not say anything- just show you the pictures.
A tiny peek of a 2 hour segment of my day.

You really should do a day in the life post, too. Or even an hour or two, like I did!
If/when you do, please share the link with me 🙂

7 thoughts on “Snippets of my Day

  • Oh Ariana I LOVE it! Might be my favorite post of yours ever! You might just inspire me to actually take a picture, lol.

  • Ariana, I Loooooove this post!! The pictures are all beautiful, even just of the everyday events. The concept is awesome. It's a super creative way to document and remember what it is that you do…what it is that we do as mothers, every day of our lives out of love for our family's. And the way you did it managed to make it seem not mundane at all. Quite the opposite.

    Loved it , loved it.

  • I really like the way the pictures are literally just a “snippet”…not a whole body, whole head, whole room, etc. but just a piece of what you're doing. :c)

    I work 3 nights in a row starting tomorrow, so do you want to plan to do the buddy posts once a week? I probably won't be able to commit to doing anything more often than that (much as I'd love to).

  • Did you take most of these with the timer? I need to figure that out on my camera, haven't attempted it yet. Do you get dressed up in cute clothes everyday no matter what, or did ya'll go somewhere today? I will try to do one of these either later today or sometime this week!

  • LOVED this!!! Oh how I love coming to your blog! I think my fav pic was the one of you and Payson and you are smiling and he's grabbing for your face…SO SWEET and I love the next one too of his chubby little leg! These are great! I should try to do a day in the life post sometime soon…I just need to find a day where the majority of it isn't spent editing behind this computer!!! Mine should definitely be interesting! I would have to make sure Maggie had some sort of clothes on all day! lol Anyway, you've inspired me to try…so hopefully soon I will do one of these posts…I'll let you know if I do! 🙂

    I'm so glad you posted this!! 🙂

  • The snippets in your photos are a great idea. I take photos that way and my Dad hates it… he asks me everytime why I cut people off. Haha!

    Anywho I take pictures of my day like this a lot to document it but have never really made a blog post about it. (Actually I think I did blog this way on my son's 1st day of school) But it interesting to see people's daily routines.

    That picture of Payson touching your face is too precious! You're so pretty!

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