Payson, AZ – Willow Springs Lake

Yesterday Allan asked me if I wanted to do a day trip up to the rim here in Arizona. I said yes, of course! The rim is a mountain range two hours north of here. It’s gorgeous up there.
We packed up some stuff, got in the car, and started off on a peaceful mini road trip.
I ended up getting majorly, majorly car sick. It was torture.
My car sickness went away after we had lunch in Payson (yes, it’s a city here in Arizona as well as our son’s name!)

We didn’t name Payson after the city, but I still thought it’d be neat to get a picture of him in front of the Welcome to Payson sign. ha

We had a quick lunch at a Burger King there in Payson and then drove on to Willow Springs Lake.
Before we did anything else I made sure to snap a couple family pictures (I’m really trying to remember to do these!)

Payson looked so cute up on Allan’s shoulders that I had to take a few pictures of them.
This one’s my favorite. Payson is always doing that head tilt. Such a goofy boy.

This is hilarious.. the dock we were on was moving around on the water and Sierra was really terrified that it was going to sink! lol. She really wanted off no matter how much we told her it would keep afloat.
I love this picture and how Payson is resting against Allan’s head.

I took a few little video clips.
Payson was super excited to be at the lake. He was looking around with a huge grin the first half hour we were there. Of course he stares off into space when I pull my camera out.
Allan was planning on swimming. It was way too cold and I convinced him not to (and he really would’ve, too!)

Payson was eagerly pointing to the water and babbling excitedly (he looooves water) so I told Allan we should let him walk in there a little bit. It was cold so we didn’t let him do more than put his hands and feet in.

This cracks me up and I’m so glad I caught it! If Payson sees something on the ground he’s interested in eating he drops his binky immediately to make room. Here he’d just got his hand around a nice rock. Mmmmm

He got fairly upset with daddy not letting him eat the rocks and dirt.
But he knows he’s the one being a stinker.
Allan and the girls had an awesome time throwing rocks in the water. Allan tried to teach the girls to skip rocks which was really cute.
I think they were watching some guys in a boat catching a fish right here.
Allan took this one of Brooklyn. I can’t remember why she was screaming but she sure was loud!
I asked Allan to take one of me and Payson.
And one of me and the kids. The girls were cold and that’s why they look like they’re being tortured. I spent most of my time wrestling with Payson. And not in a fun way. He really, really wanted to have a lunch of dirt, bugs, rocks and sticks and I wasn’t letting him.
Let me go. Need wild edibles.

I love that I got a picture of a real smile from Sierra 🙂

Brooklyn climbed on this rock and wanted Allan to catch her.

Now that I’m posting these I can’t remember what Allan was talking to me about but I was loving his expressions.

The light here was so pretty I stopped Allan for pictures.

Allan took this one:
I remembered to snap a couple of the lake as we were heading back to the car.

We walked by this fire pit full of trash. Some people are so lame… there is a dumpster really close to this spot. It’s just plain lazy and stupid to leave this stuff here.
I told Allan I wanted to get a picture of Payson’s red nose because it looked cute. You can’t even tell in this picture, though.

We left Willow Springs and drove a little further to a lookout path. The view is amazing. I could happily spend hours up there.

Allan took these last ones-

A picture of Brook by a brook.

11 thoughts on “Payson, AZ – Willow Springs Lake

  • I love all these pics. Coundn't possibly choose a favorite. Looks like ya'll had a blast.

    I bet you are asked constantly as are we, if you named Payson after the city. 😛 People ask if I named Houston after the city a couple times a week or called him Huttson…okay…whatever.

    I love all your kiddos names!

    I love the pic of Payson in front of the sign. If we ever go to Houston I may need to do the same thing.

    Looks like you all had a blast.

  • So much to say…I'll try to keep it to short-novel-length, promise. 😉
    I love the way the sky looks in the first couple pics of Payson and Allan. So dark and stormy. How funny that you found this town/city!! Did you know that Payson was the name of the town before you went on your little trip, or was it a surprise to stumble across that?
    Payson's head-tild “I'm such a cheeser” face is so danged adorable! Oh my gosh, I just want to reach through the screen and scoop him up for a squeeze!!
    I couldn't stop laughing at Sierra's WTH look on that dock. How funny! She must've really been scared!
    The binky-dropping shot is really cool and also really fun since it's such a “Payson” thing to do. Hudson is forever sticking crap in his mouth, too, and it drives me crazy! When we were out today, he took a swig of the bubbles we brought along, gnawed on a dirty stick, and ate a handfull of gravel. *sigh*
    And the expressions he makes: he totally knows he's a stinker, doesn't he?! lol
    Love the family pictures, love the scenery pictures, LOVE the videos. Pictures are great, but seeing things through video is super fun!
    I wish there was ever a day when Calvin and I are both home at the same time so we could have an outing like this. As it is, I'm almost alway on my own. :c( Wah.
    Anyway, glad I decided to hop back on my computer before bed…what a treat to see all the beautiful photos. :c)
    Good night!

  • Ariana and Allan, great pictures of this day trip. I talked to Allan on Saturday moring your time after we had already gotten back from our Saturday family trip (we're 8 hours ahead) Our families were both taking advantage of a beautiful day as the sun made its way around the world. I loved watching your short video clips and was impressed by Allan's rock skipping abilities. Payson and the girls are so cute. I can't believe how much they've grown since I saw them last. I sure miss you guys and have really enjoyed following your blog to see whats going on in your lives!

    – Daniel

  • Ariana, I know I only know you from blogland, but really, inside and out you have an absolutely beautiful family. What a fun day I'm sure you will all remember! 🙂

  • What fun!! Looks like you guys had a wonderful day. I got a chuckle out the last couple family pictures with all the kids tilting their heads the same way. Too cute!

  • Glad the car sickness went away! We just drove back from camping, and my wife had me take it real slow along the curvy roads.


  • Awesome photos! Looks like you guys has a fun filled day. Love the photo with the binky dropping from Payson's mouth, hehehe. Also love the last family shots. The kiddos all have a head tilt.. in the same direction 🙂

  • You got so many beautiful pictures Ariana! I love the ones of your girls holding the flowers and both of the ones with Payson on Allan's shoulders. I also love the one of Payson dropping his binky. What good timing!

    Cayden does the exact same thing you described and I think it's so funny (and sometimes annoying too). Like if we are in a grocery store and he sees a banana clear down the aisle, his eyes lock on the banana and he just lets it fall out of his mouth.

    Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. What a beautiful place.

  • Hey Ariana,

    It's so exciting to see you discover the world of “green”. 🙂 If you ever want any tips on anything or have any questions, let me know! I have searched, researched and tried TONS of stuff over the last six or eight years.

    The best cleaning products BY FAR that I have found are Sun & Earth. They have pretty much everything including dish soap (which can be used a a fertilizer in your garden), dish washer detergent, laundry soap, hand soap, drier sheets that biodegrade in about 20 days (or something), window cleaner, and my favorite – all purpose cleaner – which works WAY better than 409. If you need something more “heavy duty” than an all purpose cleaner, just spray the all purpose cleaner and then use lots of baking soda on a wet rag. It even gets off hard water build up in seconds. All of their products have a natural, fresh orange sent.

    Here is a film that is coming out in theaters this summer about organic food and the food industry.

    The day trip looks like it wa so much fun! I don't have time to comment on everything right now, but I have been loving all the posts! Your kids are growing up so much! You have the best ideas for so many things. I love getting ideas on all kinds of stuff from your blog. What a fun stage of life we're all in! Little kids-growing a little bigger and having our own families – isn't life great?

  • WOW these pictures are amazing! Holy cow they took my breath away! I love love love them!

    I've never been to Payson and I always suggest it to my husband for a day trip… but it never happens! I could kick myself for not forcing it! It's beautiful! We usually say we'll drive up to Payson and end up going down to Tucson instead (husband has lots of family there)… It's about the same distance. 2 hours.

    Oh the weather still looks lovely up there! Beautiful!

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