Me & Her, Me & Her, Them, Him

Ok, titles are so hard for me. Obviously. lol

Before heading out to Costco today I took some pictures of me and the kids after realizing it’s been a while (am thinking of starting that project of taking a picture of me with the kids every day for a month!)

Every day Sierra tells me I’m so beautiful and she goes on and on about my makeup, my eyes, my hair, my lips, my clothes… anything and everything. The entire time she’s complimenting me she’s caressing my shirt or my face or my hand. It’s the sweetest thing and just has me melting into a blubbery mommy goo.

I told Brooklyn it was my turn with the camera so that I could get some of her.

Note that the reason Brooklyn wasn’t in the outtakes video was because she said everything perfectly…. she is such a ham for any kind of camera (and I love it. lol)

Payson can be a ham for the camera at times, too 🙂

Brooklyn took the camera again and got this one of me and the littles.

And then I wanted one of them all together..

And then it was time to go to Costco.
At the end of our shopping trip I got the girls pizza and Payson had some churro. He really loved it and every single time I gave him a little piece he gave me his huge goofy grin.

I was cracking up. Payson got quite a lot of attention during the entire shopping trip (he always does!) but when he would smile at me after getting a churro piece the people at the tables around us would point out his silly face and laugh along with me.

It was so funny. I tried SO hard to take pictures of the best grins but I was shooting from the hip so I missed most of them.

He smiled at every single person in the store today. He babbled away at them, too. He was just soaking up the attention!

Several people commented on how he was such a happy baby and I just smiled really big thinking, he is a happy baby. Those first 7 months of colic were rough, but man I am so in love with this kid. I can’t get enough of his adorable face, his chubby little body, his staggering walk, his insane curiousity, and his sweet giggles. I love this little boy.

To answer your questions-
The videos I take are with a Canon PowerShot A720 IS (cheapy point and shoot).
I edit the videos on Windows Movie Maker. It’s pretty much the simplest program ever to use.
I mentioned why Brooklyn wasn’t in the outtakes video (because there were none!) and the reason is the same for Payson- he sat there saying dadadadada the whole time… maybe I’ll share that little clip of him in next week or something?

The Cousins! (minus 4)

We had family visiting from out of state a couple weeks ago and I didn’t take a single picture! I’d left my memory card at home. Stupid, huh?

But my sister in law, Mary, took these adorable pictures of all the cousins together. I’m going to print these out today 🙂

There are four cousins missing from this next picture.

The three kids on the upper left are Mary’s kids. The baby girl Brooklyn’s holding is my sister in law Laura’s daughter.

Thanks for the pictures, Mary!

Signs the mama is sick

Payson gets into mommy’s purse while mommy is completely passed out on the couch. Receipts and shopping lists are destroyed without mercy.

The kids realize the whole “no toys in the front rooms” rule will not be reinforced since mommy is passed out on the couch.

And the biggest sign mama is sick?? Macaroni and cheese for dinner.

Jello Boats, Kr8tive Writing, Insane Face

Sierra enjoying her “jello boat” during snacktime.

Payson always sleeps on top of his stuffed animals. It’s so sweet. He also sits and hugs them over and over in the morning when he wakes up.

Now that Brooklyn’s finally excited about writing I got her a journal to fill out every day.

The picture she drew is of her cleaning up a bunch of foam squares. The writing says:
I KLENd tHE sKOOl rooM dadE Iz KOMEG HOM WiF sEra
“I cleaned the school room. Daddy is coming home with Sierra.”

I wanted to take a picture of Payson’s new haircut (just trimmed everything shorter) and the new wall color in the family room. I’m so glad I did because Payson did his goofy face and I caught it in focus! Doesn’t he look insane? lol! He does this when he’s super happy and wanting attention.

He’s this perfect mix of baby and toddler right now. He’s into EVERYTHING and already throwing mini tantrums when something’s taken away from him. But then he’s SUCH a baby, wanting to be held and coddled all the time. Funny, funny kid.

Traumatic times in Barnes and Noble

It was one of the worst shopping trips in the history of the world.

The highlight of the trip was as we were leaving. Payson dropped my coin purse that I’d let him play with (my coin purse has a hard metal clasp opening). I bent down to get it. Brooklyn lunged out of the double stroller (where she was supposed to be sitting on a “timeout”), grabs the coin purse and flings up to hand it back to Payson. Hitting me squarely in the eye. I literally saw stars and almost passed out. I’m surprised my eyeball didn’t fall out.
I stood there for a good minute, maybe two, just holding my eye and trying to wait out the pain. It was pretty bad. Payson was screaming through this whole ordeal and my face hurt so bad I couldn’t even open my eyes. I’m sure we were quite the sight.

I’d taken a couple pictures before my abuse-
Dropping coins in the fountain. Brooklyn picked out her own outfit.

Playing on the stage (I should so build one of these for my house).

Torturing baby brother. He screamed at her right after I snapped this. Payson gets so annoyed with Brooklyn.

After Barnes and Noble I had to stop at Target for diapers. I’d stopped and fed the kids a sack lunch I’d brought but Payson was still really cranky so I grabbed some of these dried fruit bars. He loved them. So much so that I bought three more boxes of them. lol

He ate so much yesterday. As much as Brooklyn. It was ridiculous. He must be going through a growth spurt or something. Which is just what I need- he’s already outgrowing his 12m sized clothes!