Birth Order and Personality

My friend, Jordan, had a neat idea to do a buddy post occasionally. We’ll blog on the same topics, but from different points of view.
The first topic is birth order.
Read her birth order post here.

I like this topic because most everything I’ve heard about how birth order affects personality is true for my kids.
I’m using this site as a reference just because it was the first one I found on google. ha

Brooklyn. My first born.

I definitely see most of the typical first born traits in Brooklyn. She is a driven, determined little girl. She knows what she wants and when she wants it.

She is a perfectionist to the extreme. She needs a lot of encouragement in everything she does.

She is very assertive and very energetic and most definitely a natural leader.
If she’s not in charge, she’s not happy. She wants to be the one dictating our every hour of the day.

Personality traits of a first born have such a wide range. She can be the most aggressive, selfish child and then she can be the most calm, loving child.

I have a solid confidence that she will turn out to be an amazing adult. Her leadership skills, determination, motivation and energy will be useful it pretty much everything she does in life.

Along with those traits she is a very, very nurturing little girl. She can be bossy with Sierra and Payson but when she’s in the big sister role she is loving, attentive, and very giving. She’s full to the brim of affection for everyone in her life. She wants her family to be happy and she wants to be an active part of bringing that happiness to them.

Sierra. The middle child.

Sierra can be very shy, quiet and withdrawn. You will often see her sitting with the family but sucking her thumb, playing with her ear, and just observing. She can entertain herself for a long time with toys or books. She is almost always happy and content.

Sierra can also be extremely outgoing and loud. When she’s getting attention she is all about performing. She is most definitely an attention seeker.
She wants attention SO BADLY. She can’t help but have a huge grin when she’s getting eye contact, hugs, cuddles… attention. Any and all attention.

Her entire life so far has been one of compliance and patience. She will wait her turn as long as you want her to wait.
She can be very, very ornery but pretty much every time she is it’s because she’s been waiting for attention of some sort for too long.

She is extremely sensitive. She does not take discipline or critism well. She will cry each and every time she gets a timeout because she’s so hurt. When disciplining her, giving her a timeout or telling her why something’s wrong is usually enough to get her to stop doing it.

Payson. The Last Born (at least for now)

Though Payson is just a toddler I can already see his personality taking shape.
He is curious and adventurous. He’s the child who will climb on things and then figure a way to get down when our first two would either just fall off or cry to be helped.
He is funny. He makes us laugh and it’s intentional. He does his silly face and his little head bob and dances and sings and basically repeats anything he got a laugh over the first time he did it.
He is very, very, very sensitive. He wants attention constantly. He wants to be held, to be sang to, to be loved on.
He’s very outgoing and socialable. He smiles at everyone he sees when we’re out. He babbles to them and is genuinely very interested in those brief interactions.

So there you go. My children really are fairly typical first, middle and last children.

Tell me about your children. I find this subject insanely interesting 🙂
And remember to check out Jordan’s post.

7 thoughts on “Birth Order and Personality

  • Yes yes yes
    Peyton and Brooklyn/Emmy and Sierra are spot-on. Exactly the same. (minus the shy part for Emmy, of course! lol)
    Hudson and Payson are quite different, but they're young enough now that it's hard to tell exactly what they'll be like in the years to come.
    Your turn to pick a topic next…whatever you want! :c) This is fun!

  • LOVED these 2 posts!! I read Jordan's too and these were so fun! I super loved seeing all the baby pics of your babies!!! I don't think I've seen many pics of Brooklyn as a baby! That was so fun! They are all soooo sweet and I can't believe how fast they grow and change! Especially Payson, I guess I notice him growing so much since I've seen him since birth on the blog! It was so fun to read about thier personalities! It is a very interesting topic indeed! I wonder if age difference has anything to do with the way they act or whatever. I know that my brother and I are COMPLETE OPPOSITIES and we are 10 years apart…so that's interesting to think about. Anyway, GREAT post! 🙂

  • Love it! And I LOVE seeing your kids baby pics. They all look so much the same now as when they were babies. I am going to have to make my very own birth order post since our kids are so similar in age!

  • I've always found birth order really interesting. I studied it a few times being a psychology major. Several of those traits are true for my kids as well.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • My kids are pretty much exactly like yours. Lizzy is bossy, emotional and a perfectionist. Loves to be in control.

    The Boy is completely opposite. Just sits back and watches or finds a quiet spot to play by himself.

    And Jane was super curious and determined to figure everything out. She can be shy with strangers, though… but she's a spaz at home.

    Kitty just wants to snuggle.

  • I read this a few days ago but hadn't had a chance to comment… but now I do.

    So having 3 kids the same ages as yours I find this fascinating. I read that website you linked and it's so interesting. Why haven't I ever blogged about this. I talk about it ALL the time with my Mom.

    Diego the oldest is a natural born leader, driven, determined, and very smart.
    Alayna definitely has middle child syndrome… but being a middle child myself I totally connect with her the most.
    And Arielle is the baby… and her little personality is hard to read sometimes.

    These buddy posts are awesome! I really look forward to reading more! I read both of your blogs and never realized that you knew each other too… but I found you both through twopeas so I am not surprised. LOL I really do love reading both your blogs and can relate so much because I have children around the same ages as both of yours.

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