Such a busy day

You know how they say being a mom is like having two full-time jobs?
They aren’t lying!
You’d think after 5, almost 6, years I’d be used to this, but man- keeping up with every little thing that moms have to do is an insane amount of work.
Today I worked every single second from the time I woke up until just now (5:36pm) and I’m feeding Payson a bottle while blogging and I have at least another 2 hours of cooking and cleaning to do. *groan*
It wasn’t a bad day, just busy. And just busy with very normal things. Cleaning, cooking, schooling, mothering, repeat, repeat, repeat….

I made the kids oatmeal for breakfast (cheap, easy, healthy- awesome) and while they ate I made muffins.
They ate half the blueberries while I was stirring.

I loooove blueberries!

And I loooove muffins made with yogurt!

All three kids liked the muffins, but Sierra was the biggest fan. She ate three today!

After breakfast we went right into school time. We played a bunch of games first. This word bingo is the girls’ current favorite. We played it a couple times. We don’t really play it like bingo should be played. We always do blackout since both girls want to fill both their boards each time.

The girls spotted these ring pops on my desk.

They got a kick out of their bright pink tongues.

And their pink teeth.

Yay for ring pops!

While they were eating their suckers I read to them.

After that we played Go Fish. (Sierra won every time! Funny, huh?)

We ate lunch.
Ham, potatoes, carrots, celery and hummus.
The girls hated hummus. Honestly, so did I. It was the second recipe we’ve tried and I guess we’re just not big fans of garbanzo beans.
After lunch Brooklyn read her scholastic readers to me and Sierra. And then the kids played with their toys while I cleaned the kitchen.

Then we had snack. Sierra really, really wanted another muffin.

Looks like Payson does, too.

Brooklyn wanted a mini cheesecake. (I substituted pecans for half the graham cracker crust and it tasted really good and was slightly healthier)

Sierra thought the blueberries baked into the muffin paper looked yucky.

She wasn’t having much luck getting the paper off.

So Brooklyn did it for her.

Payson was fairly full from his food (sweet potatoes, chicken, and carrots mixed in the food processor) so he just had some formula.

And now it’s 6:01pm, took me 25 minutes to do this because I got up and changed Payson, gave him a mini bath, and put him to bed in the middle of posting this! Motherhood is busy, busy busy.
I hope you all have an awesome weekend. I’m going to go make dinner and then get my girls in bed!

8 thoughts on “Such a busy day

  • My weekend sucked eggs…my grandad passed away but it was good to see family.

    Your kiddos are sooo cute.

    We are huge muffin eaters here…those look wonderful! Yum.

    I can get you a hummus recipe from so of my family…..they all make it a little different. I will look thru my recipes and see if I can find one of the ones I liked 🙂

  • I know exactly what you mean! And I hate to say it, but even when they get older and they “should” be easier to take care of, they just find new ways to need you, LOL! I loved going through your day with you, sounds like there is never a dull moment in your home! 🙂

  • What parallel lives we lead… Haha.

    My days are the same… except today mine included driving hubby to work, breakfast, bathing all 3 kids and myself, ballet, store, lunch, dishes, cleaning, laundry, arts and crafts, laundry, pick up hubby, go to hobby lobby, dinner, dishes, laundry… and now I am blogging a little so I can put up a post later on. AFTER I bathe the kids and put them to bed… just 30 minutes more and the night is all MINE!

    I have to agree that I love going through your days with you… kinda weird no? Is that creepy? LOL

  • I always love seeing other mom's days that are the same as mine! And are those the Littlest Pet Shop go fish cards? We loooooove those!!!

  • Wow, are you trying to make me not want to be a mom…ever? lol. Just kidding. But, I so don't think I'm ready for all of that yet. I guess I'm just not ready to grow up and look after anyone else but myself.

    The muffins look delicious. I'm a huge blueberry muffin fan, but I've never made them with yogurt before. I'll have to check that out for sure.

    You always come up with the most creative meals for the kids..and healthy too. Good job for that! Sounds like you spent most of your day today in the kitchen! haha

  • I think having just one is a full time job. I can't imagine how busy it is with 3! You're so good at making healthy meals and keeping your house clean on top of it all. I hereby nominate you SUPER MOM!

  • Aww…I feel for you. I only have one and I KNOW how hard and exhausting it can be. From one mom to another, you're doing a GREAT job and keep up the hard work! I know that doesn't help but it's nice to hear every once in awhile, at least for me anyway.

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