The funnest games are the messiest ones

I think there’s this unwritten childhood rule that the best times to be had are in a messy room. Preferrably if that messy room is the family room.

The girls always try to find loop holes in the family rules.
“Our toys aren’t allowed out of our rooms, but we never heard anything about Payson’s toys or our blankets.”

Payson, on the other hand, doesn’t need toys. Daddy’s and mommy’s belongings and electronics are much better.
The remotes are a current favorite.

Sierra had this habit lately of saying things really forcefully when she talks. Even if she’s talking about a tea party with cupcakes her face looks like this:

Payson moves on from the remote to my hair clip. Which he yanked out of my hair earlier in the day.

We try to keep the pantry door shut at all times because we keep the garbage in there and Payson likes to munch away on trash.

Payson is constantly looking over to the pantry to see if someone left the door open. Each time he notices it ajar he hurries over there in hopes of grabbing a snack before mommy notices.

I take him out and shut the door and he goes back to the hair clip. I take a picture because… how can I not? Check out that bum!

All the kids were playing pleasantly and then Brooklyn has to go and grab Payson. She drives him crazy. He pushes her away and screams and wiggles but she will.not.let.go until I threaten a timeout.

When she’s not annoying him she’s actually really good at keeping him out of stuff and giving him toys and a binky.

Everything in the mouth. When does this phase end? I can’t remember.

These were taken the other day… Allan was gone all day and when he got home Payson was super happy to see him.

My boys

8 thoughts on “The funnest games are the messiest ones

  • I totally agree with your title…as in it happens like that at our house too! Sierra's dramatic face is cracking me up, Brooklyn's hair looks like it grew like 6 inches over night, and Payson's screaming with arms in the hair kinda made me chuckle, even though I can imagine you huff everytime it happens like you saw it coming! lol. Ah, daily life!

  • Sounds like my household. Haha. My baby likes her older brother though (6) and hates it when her sister touches her (3)… she screams her head off too. But if her brother comes along she's all smitten.

    Brooklyn looks a lot older from when I started reading your blog a few months ago! Maybe it's her hair!

  • The kids look like they're having so much fun just being kids! And the “everything in the mouth” thing… yeah my 3 year old still does it… lol

  • Payson looks just like you, so do the girls, but especially him!

    There is something about Brooklyn that still very much looks “Elliettish” to me, but I can't figure out just what feature it is!

  • I love the picture with Allan and Payson! I miss little Sierra….We were just talking about her the another day. She is so sweet! We can't stop saying “Hi my name is Don!”

  • Awe, it looks like they are having a great time! Leave it to a young child to figure out the way around the rules… my DD is the same way 🙂 Smart kiddo's!

  • A fun look into life with your kids. As far as rules go…at our house, what rules? What are rules anyway for that matter? I'm heaving a big sigh as I write this. We are in a phase. It had better end soon.

    As far as the everything in the mouth phase goes, for my kids it seemed to begin disappearing at about 18 months. I only remember that because it seemed like by the time they were going into the nursery at church, I still had to be on the look out for it so they didn't mouth the gross toys in there, but it wasn't happening very often.

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