Back to cloth diapering!

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These past 11 months I’ve used the excuse that Payson was too fat for cloth diapering. His bum and thighs have always been two sizes larger than the rest of him.

Chunky bum and thigh photos from November 2008 (he was 5 months old):

I could’ve sewed up some pants with extra big bum space if I was so inclined back then, but being in the midst of colic and depression, I just didn’t.

We all know I tried out gDiapers (see bottom of post). Which are AWESOME. But nothing beats good old cloth. Payson has thinned out so much since becoming mobile that there really isn’t an excuse anymore for not using cloth diapers.
I pulled out my old stash (from when Sierra was in diapers) and tried them on him and they fit perfectly 🙂

Payson seems happy about the his bum being cushioned with fleece.

Diapers pictured above: FuzziBunz

Diapers pictured below: gDiapers
(pictures from December 2008)

And to answer the question about what paint color is in the girls’ room, it’s Behr’s Aqua Spray.

8 thoughts on “Back to cloth diapering!

  • Love them. I love cloth. Houston was about Payson's age when he thinned out to wear them. Then about 2 yrs old it got hard to find again because he is such a weird shape 😛

    I love Fuzzi Bunz!

    I think as a baby they would have to be sooooo much more comfy.

  • These are so cute, just like looking in the mirror, personally!

    He is really toddling all over the place!

    I am cranky today, so I'll keep it brief.

    It would help if I could see these guys.

    Kelly quit her job, yay!

    Jeena moving out yesterday and today w/o any notice hardly. It made me cry last night for two hours. That is Payson leaving you all alone when all you know is mommyhood. maybe that isn't something you can get yet?! Haha.

    Ellen coming to visit in two weeks, yay!

    Mom's anniversary party making me crazy.

    Her Place needs to be done and an having a little Tea Party planning meeting to thank everyone for helping this year. I got nominated for another 2 years to do it, yay!

    Scrapbooking like a mad woman, yay.

    Computer board game nerd now…especially Scrabble and Texas Hold 'Em and Free Cell!

    Now I don't have to email, hyuck, hyuck.

    Sorry for anyone else who has to read it!

    I miss you soooooo sooooo much!

    Mom & G'ma D

  • Do you like cloth diapers? Tell me about them, maybe staying home I would be able to use them!!!

    Guess mom told you my exciting news… I'm totally psyched. I am checking out a co-op preschool on Friday, two days a week and I get to help teach at times and earn credits. What do you think of the sonlight curriculum for 3's. I would order it, but much of what I saw in the picture we already own. I am working on the list “100 books your child should read before Kindergarten this summer.” We created a library box just for our special “library books.” So fun!!!

    Love you- Kelly

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