Me & Her, Me & Her, Them, Him

Ok, titles are so hard for me. Obviously. lol

Before heading out to Costco today I took some pictures of me and the kids after realizing it’s been a while (am thinking of starting that project of taking a picture of me with the kids every day for a month!)

Every day Sierra tells me I’m so beautiful and she goes on and on about my makeup, my eyes, my hair, my lips, my clothes… anything and everything. The entire time she’s complimenting me she’s caressing my shirt or my face or my hand. It’s the sweetest thing and just has me melting into a blubbery mommy goo.

I told Brooklyn it was my turn with the camera so that I could get some of her.

Note that the reason Brooklyn wasn’t in the outtakes video was because she said everything perfectly…. she is such a ham for any kind of camera (and I love it. lol)

Payson can be a ham for the camera at times, too πŸ™‚

Brooklyn took the camera again and got this one of me and the littles.

And then I wanted one of them all together..

And then it was time to go to Costco.
At the end of our shopping trip I got the girls pizza and Payson had some churro. He really loved it and every single time I gave him a little piece he gave me his huge goofy grin.

I was cracking up. Payson got quite a lot of attention during the entire shopping trip (he always does!) but when he would smile at me after getting a churro piece the people at the tables around us would point out his silly face and laugh along with me.

It was so funny. I tried SO hard to take pictures of the best grins but I was shooting from the hip so I missed most of them.

He smiled at every single person in the store today. He babbled away at them, too. He was just soaking up the attention!

Several people commented on how he was such a happy baby and I just smiled really big thinking, he is a happy baby. Those first 7 months of colic were rough, but man I am so in love with this kid. I can’t get enough of his adorable face, his chubby little body, his staggering walk, his insane curiousity, and his sweet giggles. I love this little boy.

To answer your questions-
The videos I take are with a Canon PowerShot A720 IS (cheapy point and shoot).
I edit the videos on Windows Movie Maker. It’s pretty much the simplest program ever to use.
I mentioned why Brooklyn wasn’t in the outtakes video (because there were none!) and the reason is the same for Payson- he sat there saying dadadadada the whole time… maybe I’ll share that little clip of him in next week or something?

9 thoughts on “Me & Her, Me & Her, Them, Him

  • I love all the shots that you are in. Your hair looks great! Isn't it nice when you have a kid that is old enough to take some pictures? Brooklyn did a good job. Little Payson is becoming quite the little ham. His expressions are priceless. I just love his smile!

  • I think your title fits the post perfectly [laughing].

    And for those quick web clips, a cheapy point and shoot can be crazy easy [smile].


  • You look SO PRETTY!! πŸ™‚ I love the shots that Brooklyn got with you in them! I ESPECIALLY LOVE the shot of you and Sierra with her telling you how pretty you are!!! SO SWEET!!!!!! Payson is such a cutie too! πŸ˜‰ Isn't it such a relief to know that those colic days are behind us and we now have these wonderful happy and silly smiling boys?!?! πŸ™‚ (Mine is screaming at his sister right now as I type this….but whatever…mostly HAPPY!) lol Anyway, loved this post! I think you SHOULD do the pic with the kids every day for a month!!! MAYBE I will *try* that one too!!! πŸ˜‰ MAYBE. Ok…screaming kids…I must go now!!!!

  • Cute pictures and video! I really need to get some good pics of me and my kids together. I tried on Mother's Day, but that was pretty much a bust! My boys have that shirt that Payson has on! I love it!

  • These are SO great… Simple and Fun! Love them!

    You are absolutely beautiful in these!

    I think it is an AWESOME idea to take a pic of you and the kiddos everyday… Maybe I will get inspired looking at your post. **Hint, Hint** πŸ˜‰


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