Traumatic times in Barnes and Noble

It was one of the worst shopping trips in the history of the world.

The highlight of the trip was as we were leaving. Payson dropped my coin purse that I’d let him play with (my coin purse has a hard metal clasp opening). I bent down to get it. Brooklyn lunged out of the double stroller (where she was supposed to be sitting on a “timeout”), grabs the coin purse and flings up to hand it back to Payson. Hitting me squarely in the eye. I literally saw stars and almost passed out. I’m surprised my eyeball didn’t fall out.
I stood there for a good minute, maybe two, just holding my eye and trying to wait out the pain. It was pretty bad. Payson was screaming through this whole ordeal and my face hurt so bad I couldn’t even open my eyes. I’m sure we were quite the sight.

I’d taken a couple pictures before my abuse-
Dropping coins in the fountain. Brooklyn picked out her own outfit.

Playing on the stage (I should so build one of these for my house).

Torturing baby brother. He screamed at her right after I snapped this. Payson gets so annoyed with Brooklyn.

After Barnes and Noble I had to stop at Target for diapers. I’d stopped and fed the kids a sack lunch I’d brought but Payson was still really cranky so I grabbed some of these dried fruit bars. He loved them. So much so that I bought three more boxes of them. lol

He ate so much yesterday. As much as Brooklyn. It was ridiculous. He must be going through a growth spurt or something. Which is just what I need- he’s already outgrowing his 12m sized clothes!

11 thoughts on “Traumatic times in Barnes and Noble

  • Yuck! Sorry to hear about the trauma at Barnes and Noble, I have soooo had many moments like that! So frustrating.

    As far as Payson eating so much…welcome to BOYS!!! My boys often eat MORE then I do in a day, and they are 4 and 8. Sometimes the 8 year old even out eats my husband. It's crazy. They are like little bottomless pits…yet skinny as sticks. Not fair. lol.

  • I hate dealing with intense pain with my kids watching. that's one thing i don't do well – i'm a total wimp about pain.

    I love the play areas in Barnes & Noble too! Wouldn't it be awesome to have a room in your house like that?

  • Ugh. My eye feels like watering just imagining being hit by the metal clasp of my coin purse. Sorry you had such a bad trip there! Barnes and Noble is probably one of my top three favorite places on planet earth. Since having Cayden though, I only go if Tim or my mom is watching him. It's IMPOSSIBLE to enjoy my time there, in my section, or the kids section. Impossible I tell you. It's nothing but hectic chaos and so I don't bother anymore. It will be nice when he matures a bit.

  • That must have hurt!! My eye hurts just thinking about it. Sorry your outing didn't turn out so well.

    We love going to Barnes and Noble too, and my kids love playing on the stage as well. That would be fun to have a little stage in your house where the kids could put on little plays or performances. 🙂

    I hope your eye is feeling better!

  • Oh no!!! I hope you don't get a black eye! I love Brooklyn's outfit choice, it's not bad at all! It almost matches! LOL. They do come up with some doozies though, don't they?!

  • I agree that it must be a boy thing. Eli eats so much more than the girls ever did. And by golly when he's ready to eat…you better feed him.
    Sorry about your eye…ouch. sounds like a painful hit.

  • Oh wow, don't we just love trips like that?! Right in the eye…just icing on the cake of the bad outing right?! 😉 It's so funny that you say that Payson gets so annoyed with Brooklyn…Levi is the SAME way with Mia. She's always trying to hold him and kiss him and he freaks out. He screams at her and slaps her away! I can just hear him saying LEAVE ME ALONE ALREADY!!!! Sometimes he is sweet with her and kisses her on his own…but when she's smothering him, he hates it! Have I ever mentioned how much I love Payson's hair?! He looks so freakin cute with that do!!! 😉 Well, from all the pics you would never know this was a bad trip! Everyone looks happy as always! 😉 Oh yeah, and Levi eats ALL THE TIME! He is always hungry! It's crazy! I think to myself “you can't possibly hold anything else in that tummy” but he STILL begs for more food! Where do they put it all!? Ok, enough of my blabbing!!!

  • You poor thing!!! It's so hard to get hurt by a child and not really show how much it hurt, especially when it was an accident like that!

    The other day I bent down to hug DD just as she jumped up to hug me and her head nailed my chin and I completely bit my toungue and drew some blood 🙁 It was hard to not get upset about it, she felt horrible.

    Hope your feeling better today!

  • Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your pictures! I'm a wannabe photographer too, but you are much better at it! I don't have the fancy equipment, but I am definitely hoping to get some someday so my pictures can look like yours! 🙂

  • Barenes and Noble takes a year off my life when I take Houston ;0)

    Nothing hurts worse than getting hit in the nose or eye.

    I remember after having sugery on my sinus when Houston was 10 months old and he hit me with his head while thrashing around…there are no words…all I could do not to sling him across the room by reflex…..

    My eyes tear up thinking about getting hit in the eye or the nose 🙁

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