Birth Order and Personality

My friend, Jordan, had a neat idea to do a buddy post occasionally. We’ll blog on the same topics, but from different points of view.
The first topic is birth order.
Read her birth order post here.

I like this topic because most everything I’ve heard about how birth order affects personality is true for my kids.
I’m using this site as a reference just because it was the first one I found on google. ha

Brooklyn. My first born.

I definitely see most of the typical first born traits in Brooklyn. She is a driven, determined little girl. She knows what she wants and when she wants it.

She is a perfectionist to the extreme. She needs a lot of encouragement in everything she does.

She is very assertive and very energetic and most definitely a natural leader.
If she’s not in charge, she’s not happy. She wants to be the one dictating our every hour of the day.

Personality traits of a first born have such a wide range. She can be the most aggressive, selfish child and then she can be the most calm, loving child.

I have a solid confidence that she will turn out to be an amazing adult. Her leadership skills, determination, motivation and energy will be useful it pretty much everything she does in life.

Along with those traits she is a very, very nurturing little girl. She can be bossy with Sierra and Payson but when she’s in the big sister role she is loving, attentive, and very giving. She’s full to the brim of affection for everyone in her life. She wants her family to be happy and she wants to be an active part of bringing that happiness to them.

Sierra. The middle child.

Sierra can be very shy, quiet and withdrawn. You will often see her sitting with the family but sucking her thumb, playing with her ear, and just observing. She can entertain herself for a long time with toys or books. She is almost always happy and content.

Sierra can also be extremely outgoing and loud. When she’s getting attention she is all about performing. She is most definitely an attention seeker.
She wants attention SO BADLY. She can’t help but have a huge grin when she’s getting eye contact, hugs, cuddles… attention. Any and all attention.

Her entire life so far has been one of compliance and patience. She will wait her turn as long as you want her to wait.
She can be very, very ornery but pretty much every time she is it’s because she’s been waiting for attention of some sort for too long.

She is extremely sensitive. She does not take discipline or critism well. She will cry each and every time she gets a timeout because she’s so hurt. When disciplining her, giving her a timeout or telling her why something’s wrong is usually enough to get her to stop doing it.

Payson. The Last Born (at least for now)

Though Payson is just a toddler I can already see his personality taking shape.
He is curious and adventurous. He’s the child who will climb on things and then figure a way to get down when our first two would either just fall off or cry to be helped.
He is funny. He makes us laugh and it’s intentional. He does his silly face and his little head bob and dances and sings and basically repeats anything he got a laugh over the first time he did it.
He is very, very, very sensitive. He wants attention constantly. He wants to be held, to be sang to, to be loved on.
He’s very outgoing and socialable. He smiles at everyone he sees when we’re out. He babbles to them and is genuinely very interested in those brief interactions.

So there you go. My children really are fairly typical first, middle and last children.

Tell me about your children. I find this subject insanely interesting 🙂
And remember to check out Jordan’s post.

Such a busy day

You know how they say being a mom is like having two full-time jobs?
They aren’t lying!
You’d think after 5, almost 6, years I’d be used to this, but man- keeping up with every little thing that moms have to do is an insane amount of work.
Today I worked every single second from the time I woke up until just now (5:36pm) and I’m feeding Payson a bottle while blogging and I have at least another 2 hours of cooking and cleaning to do. *groan*
It wasn’t a bad day, just busy. And just busy with very normal things. Cleaning, cooking, schooling, mothering, repeat, repeat, repeat….

I made the kids oatmeal for breakfast (cheap, easy, healthy- awesome) and while they ate I made muffins.
They ate half the blueberries while I was stirring.

I loooove blueberries!

And I loooove muffins made with yogurt!

All three kids liked the muffins, but Sierra was the biggest fan. She ate three today!

After breakfast we went right into school time. We played a bunch of games first. This word bingo is the girls’ current favorite. We played it a couple times. We don’t really play it like bingo should be played. We always do blackout since both girls want to fill both their boards each time.

The girls spotted these ring pops on my desk.

They got a kick out of their bright pink tongues.

And their pink teeth.

Yay for ring pops!

While they were eating their suckers I read to them.

After that we played Go Fish. (Sierra won every time! Funny, huh?)

We ate lunch.
Ham, potatoes, carrots, celery and hummus.
The girls hated hummus. Honestly, so did I. It was the second recipe we’ve tried and I guess we’re just not big fans of garbanzo beans.
After lunch Brooklyn read her scholastic readers to me and Sierra. And then the kids played with their toys while I cleaned the kitchen.

Then we had snack. Sierra really, really wanted another muffin.

Looks like Payson does, too.

Brooklyn wanted a mini cheesecake. (I substituted pecans for half the graham cracker crust and it tasted really good and was slightly healthier)

Sierra thought the blueberries baked into the muffin paper looked yucky.

She wasn’t having much luck getting the paper off.

So Brooklyn did it for her.

Payson was fairly full from his food (sweet potatoes, chicken, and carrots mixed in the food processor) so he just had some formula.

And now it’s 6:01pm, took me 25 minutes to do this because I got up and changed Payson, gave him a mini bath, and put him to bed in the middle of posting this! Motherhood is busy, busy busy.
I hope you all have an awesome weekend. I’m going to go make dinner and then get my girls in bed!

The best cure for diaper rash

is to spend some time without a diaper.
Reading works.

Standing works.

But running is best.

We went to JoAnn’s today to get some stuff to make reusable sandwich and snack bags.

I ended up buying nothing, but I did take some pictures.

We also went to Costco. I packed everything I needed for an afternoon of errands.

And I left it all on the counter. At home. 40 minutes away. Grrr.

Payson was freaking out hungry after only 2 hours (and he’d eaten oatmeal and a full bottle) so I bought a chicken salad but the salad was gross so I threw most of it out. I bought a couple suckers at Sprouts in hopes that the girls would stay mellow while finishing up our shopping trip and I held Payson through the entire store. My arms are freaking tired. I’m sick of holding kids all the time!
I wish he fit in the moby wrap, but he doesn’t. I wish I could afford a more sturdy wrap, but I can’t.

And it used to be cute that every.single.person in commented on Payson’s hair but now it’s just plain annoying. I want to shop, I don’t want to sit and chat about who cut it, how cute it is, how cute he is, what does his dad think, was it dad’s idea, what do I think, and blah, blah, blah. Just let me shop and take him home before my arm falls off my body from holding the 20 lbs of weight that is under that mohawk!

Ok, ok, it’s still fun when they fawn over him.

While on the subject, I have to admit I’m sick of the mohawk. I’m excited that it’s starting to grow back. I like the fauxhawk much better.

And to Tammy,
We kicked all cleaning chemicals out of our house a few years ago. I even make my own laundry detergent. Let me know if you get that interested and I’ll pass along my “recipe”. 🙂 Yes, it works!

Yes! I’d love the recipe! I usually google and google for things like that, but I’m googled out this week. lol. I’m been buying this ultra basic, natural detergent from Sprouts but it’s expensive.
I’d also like the link to your blog, again! I lost it 🙁

The funnest games are the messiest ones

I think there’s this unwritten childhood rule that the best times to be had are in a messy room. Preferrably if that messy room is the family room.

The girls always try to find loop holes in the family rules.
“Our toys aren’t allowed out of our rooms, but we never heard anything about Payson’s toys or our blankets.”

Payson, on the other hand, doesn’t need toys. Daddy’s and mommy’s belongings and electronics are much better.
The remotes are a current favorite.

Sierra had this habit lately of saying things really forcefully when she talks. Even if she’s talking about a tea party with cupcakes her face looks like this:

Payson moves on from the remote to my hair clip. Which he yanked out of my hair earlier in the day.

We try to keep the pantry door shut at all times because we keep the garbage in there and Payson likes to munch away on trash.

Payson is constantly looking over to the pantry to see if someone left the door open. Each time he notices it ajar he hurries over there in hopes of grabbing a snack before mommy notices.

I take him out and shut the door and he goes back to the hair clip. I take a picture because… how can I not? Check out that bum!

All the kids were playing pleasantly and then Brooklyn has to go and grab Payson. She drives him crazy. He pushes her away and screams and wiggles but she will.not.let.go until I threaten a timeout.

When she’s not annoying him she’s actually really good at keeping him out of stuff and giving him toys and a binky.

Everything in the mouth. When does this phase end? I can’t remember.

These were taken the other day… Allan was gone all day and when he got home Payson was super happy to see him.

My boys

In which we do very normal things

This post is kinda journal style.

In the morning Allan went fishing while me and the kids stayed home. We did some school stuff right after waking up.

I have little “stations” set up around the school room for Payson to get into while the girls work. Here he is at his book station. He’s playing with some bath toys I bought at the dollar store- my kids all LOVE bath toys.

The girls were coloring an Arizona state flag picture.

Yummy frog.

After learning some stuff about Arizona we headed to the kitchen for breakfast. We had eggs, peaches, and oatmeal with honey and milk. YUM.

At this point Sierra had been so cranky (they were up late the night before) that I had her take a nap on the couch.

Brooklyn was really wanting Sierra to wake up and play with her.

But Sierra was out cold. In such a deep sleep that she peed on the couch.

After Sierra got a bath, the girls played and I cleaned.

Allan got home from the lake and we all ate.
Lunch was some lentil soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.

After lunch it was time for errands.
First stop- recycling.

Allan’s really liking how green we’re becoming. We still have a long way to go.

Next we went to Sprouts Farmer’s Market, but I didn’t take any pictures there.
After Sprouts was Home Depot, where Allan and the girls were in a hurry.

Why are you running from me, family?


In this part of the garden section they had misters. Misters are awesome.

Misters make Sierra very happy.

Payson was on his way to play with the girls when he spotted something.

Leaves!! A second after the next picture was snapped Payson’s binky fell straight out of his mouth to make room for the delicious treat.

Meanwhile the girls are still enjoying the misters.

Hey Home Depot, are you sure just water is coming out of those things??

I snapped a couple pictures of Allan in the parking lot.

Because I adore him.

And he took a couple of me and Payson.

Because he adores me. Well, actually… because I asked him to.

We Walked the Mall, Ate Fresh at Subway and Spilled Yogurt

We went to the mall to browse a couple stores. I didn’t have a stroller in the back of my car so I had to hold Payson the entire time. I also had a huge diaper bag and my purse with my camera in it. Heavy! My arms were so sore at the end I could barely turn my steering wheel.

We needed to go grocery shopping but the kids were all hungry and I didn’t bring a lunch, so Subway it was.

Payson got his first taste of a slice of pickle.

He chewed it for a few seconds.

and gagged

After the initial gag reflex from the weird taste, he got used to it and then wanted more. He ended up eating a lot of my sandwich.

I got these suckers at Sprouts Farmer’s Market.

They were SO SO yummy! I really wanted one! I’d only bought two and now I’m kicking myself over it. I’ll have to go back next week and get a handful of them.

This was taken a couple days ago but I wanted to share it anyway. Payson can reach a few inches up onto our kitchen table. While Sierra was eating her yogurt, Payson pulled the plate off the table and had a taste.

Summer School Starts

Summer in Arizona means staying inside all day. Perfect time for school work!

We learned all about our digestive systems today. The girls thought it was really interesting. They asked a ton of questions and studied the pictures in the book for a looong time. We had a lot of fun acting out the digestive process on each others’ bellies.

Afterwards we colored some diagrams of the stomach and intestines.

Brooklyn was really particular about her diagram. She wanted to color it just like the picture in our book.

Payson thought eating was better than coloring.

Sierra started singing the ABC song while she worked. Brooklyn interrupted her to sing it louder. Sierra got annoyed so just started singing “8, 8, 8, 8” to trip up Brooklyn.

Singing about 8s really did it for Brooklyn.

Payson was searching for just the right color of crayon..

But then big sister ruined the fun.

He showed her, though, by finding one behind her chair.

I got a surprise from Sonlight in the mail yesterday. Earlier this year I won their annual photo contest and they sent me a framed copy of their 2009 catalog cover. That’s me and the girls on the cover! Exciting, huh??

Go here to get your free catalog with us on the cover! And when it arrives have fun looking through, there are a lot more pictures of other families inside with their stories of homeschooling. Sonlight is an amazing curriculum 🙂

After we finished school stuff, we started dinner.
Payson refuses to drink his bottle unless I’m holding him. He threw a major fit while I was slaving over Kraft macaroni and cheese.

Nothing says love like powdered cheese.

Fallen tree, payson toddling

Last night we had some awesome thunder storms. Allan and I sat out on our back porch watching the lightning, feeling the rain and wind and smelling that unique wet desert smell.

This morning we were surprised to find one of our trees had been knocked over. The wind hadn’t felt that strong.

After Payson has his morning bottle I took a little video to show his walking.

The girls were pretending to play musical instruments.

Back to cloth diapering!

For post: Cloth Diapering part 2, click here.

These past 11 months I’ve used the excuse that Payson was too fat for cloth diapering. His bum and thighs have always been two sizes larger than the rest of him.

Chunky bum and thigh photos from November 2008 (he was 5 months old):

I could’ve sewed up some pants with extra big bum space if I was so inclined back then, but being in the midst of colic and depression, I just didn’t.

We all know I tried out gDiapers (see bottom of post). Which are AWESOME. But nothing beats good old cloth. Payson has thinned out so much since becoming mobile that there really isn’t an excuse anymore for not using cloth diapers.
I pulled out my old stash (from when Sierra was in diapers) and tried them on him and they fit perfectly 🙂

Payson seems happy about the his bum being cushioned with fleece.

Diapers pictured above: FuzziBunz

Diapers pictured below: gDiapers
(pictures from December 2008)

And to answer the question about what paint color is in the girls’ room, it’s Behr’s Aqua Spray.

Brooklyn’s Artwork

This beautiful drawing by Brooklyn is about 4 feet tall.

For some reason I didn’t imagine I’d still have to worry about drawing on the walls once my child hit 5. Guess I was wrong.

Doesn’t she look like she’s thinking, “how dare you share this with the world?”

~This actually happened a few weeks ago, I’m just getting around to posting about it. And I’m only posting about it because I have no other pictures to post because my camera is being a piss face.