6 thoughts on “Those Fat Petshop Animals

  • If my girls would sit and do ANYTHING for that long, I'd do a gigantic happy dance. None of us has a very long attention span (myself included!).
    I love Payson off on the edge of the pic, doing his thing. At least he's not making them mad, right? Or maybe he was and we just can't see that! ;c)

  • I love the Little Petshop critters, wish they had them when I was young 😛 My daughter *loves* them and will pull all of her stuff our and play for hours. Often times her Ponyville will mingle with her pets – so cute to watch! And, I don't mind playing with her too, lol!

  • How fun! Kyrie loves those Littlest Petshop and all the other little toys that the girls are into these days. She has a Ponyville Birthday Party scene that she loves to play in all the time.

  • Yay Petshops!!! Kaitlyn LOVES those things- they are still one of the only things that occupy her for long! I am glad your “fat petshops” are getting a nice workout. 😉

  • I just got a new wallet, right? So, I am going over old posts to find the most recent family pic to place into my wallet!

    I am still headed there but I had to comment on how cute it is that Payosn just wants to play with his sisters! That first picture is hilarious as I remember feeling torn between the baby learnign how to try to socialize and the older kids yelling, “Mommy, he's in our stuff AGAIN!”

    Such good memories!

    Missing you, MOmmmmmmmmeee

    BTW, Have a most excellent Mother's Day and hope you feel great for it!

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