7 thoughts on “Naptime for Everyone

  • Yep…there are those Mr. Fix-it PJ's! I DO love them…they're adorable. Did you see that they have a similar set with shorts now? I just about bought them the other day, but it's not quite nice enough for shorts here yet. :c(
    Cute, cute pictures. Such real-life treasures. :c)

  • I adore that you capture these moments in your life! I need to do a better job of doing this! I find you inspiring in that way – I actually brought my camera to the store the other day and I tried the library a few months a go.

    Beautiful memory you have here!

  • love love love love love love LOVE THIS POST!!!! These pics are SO sweet and I love the moments you captured!! This is why I love having a camera…for moments like this! I need to do better at capturing these days at my house! 😉

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