Muffins (again)

I can’t share the recipe for those Apple Carrot Muffins, but I can share a different yummy recipe I found.

ModEcoKids Banana Muffins w/Yogurt

The girls helped again.

Allan, Brooklyn and Sierra thought they were yummier than the ones we made Saturday.

After breakfast we tried out the CD that came with the scholastic program Brooklyn got.

Brooklyn loved it and didn’t want to stop playing.

One thought on “Muffins (again)

  • Emmy is like that with computer games of ANY kind. Have you guys ever played on starfall before? (I'm sure you have…) Emmy is in love with that sight right now, and is learning to read all sorts of stuff. Strange as it is, I almost think she's on the same level as Peyton right now.
    You should share some of your favorite kids' games sites…I'm always looking for new ones!

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