Easter Part 3! for Grandma!

My mom sent the kids a huge Easter package. That’s what this entire post will be about…

Thank you, mom! The kids loooooved every single thing.


The quarters are always a huge hit. (My mom puts in some quarters every time she sends a package, my kids LOVE it)

All my kids are REALLY easy to shop for, they all like pretty much any and every toy ever made. Payson loved all his Easter goodies. He even loves books and will sit and listen to me read to him which is just awesome.

The kids liked the candy even more than the quarters. My kids like candy more than…. everything.

They were all sharing with each other. It was pretty darn cute.

My mom’s husband had this entire Scholastic set from when his daughter was younger and they decided to send it to me because they know I love Scholastic stuff. Everything except for one workbook is new! I was really happy to get this because Brooklyn LOOOOOOOOOOOOVES these scholastic games/books.

It is requisite to eat all suckers at once.

I can’t believe I have three Easter posts!

Easter part 1
Easter part 2

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