Easter "Grass" FUN

Ok, it’s not really Easter grass, per se, but little strips of Dora paper (which I like better, personally). The girls had a BLAST throwing this stuff up in the air over and over and over and over and over… x 100 times.

And then I have a bunch of random pictures that I’ll just throw in here..

And a totally random one of the kids..

It was too bright for them to look towards me.

5 thoughts on “Easter "Grass" FUN

  • OH MY GOSH!!! The picture of Payson standing up…with his rolls and rolls of thigh chub…I am totally LOL. I LOVE IT!!

  • I love all the pictures and I really like how you posted the girls pictures in the above post. Very eye appealing! candy is great and all things that come in the mail are great so tell your mom she did great! And that's awesome about those scholastic books!
    And yeah Payson chubs is too cute with his almost g-string diaper. (we get those occasionally in our house also) LOL. So, is he walking full time now or just when he feels like it?
    The pictures of the kids sharing is adorable. Especially since they included Payson. Eli is kind of the nuisance with his sisters.

  • I just love the different expressions on Sierra's little face! I think the last picture is my favorite even if they aren't looking.

  • The paper strips look like the exact kind of thing my girls would find most entertaining out of everything in the house. I think those pictures of Sierra are the most expressive I have ever seen her. She's so cute.

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