Stealing pictures is never ok

Since when do I go by Elizabeth? (Click here for her account)
This lady on flickr had a couple pictures of my girls on her account. I emailed her before I emailed yahoo copyright & IP and she emailed back saying, “I’m so sorry, I just love your pictures. I deleted them”.

THANK YOU to the friend that emailed me and pointed this out. I don’t know if you want your name public or not, so I’ll just leave it anonymous for now. But thanks!

It’s people like this “Elizabeth Miller” that make me not want to blog.

There are so many good people out there and friendships I’ve made through blogging that keep me here, but this really throws a wrench in things.
I’m not going to do what I normally do- freak out and delete things and make private… for now. lol

Let’s just hope yahoo takes care of it!

24 thoughts on “Stealing pictures is never ok

  • Glad you managed to get the photos down. She has taken them ALL off her account now so thats good.

  • I'm sorry. That really sucks that people are so dishonest. The veil of anonimity that exists online drives me crazy. People do stupid things they would never do in person. Especially on message boards. I can't believe some of the things people say on there.

  • What a freak! She even stole your “about me” thing…CRIPES!
    You're so lucky to have a friend who pointed this out to you…I get so creeped out whenever I read about people adopting others' personalities, photos, stories, etc. That is just so stinking wrong.
    I don't get it.

  • I'm so sorry this happened to you and your family. I wish people would just be honest and not do stuff like this. Thank God she removed your pictures.

  • Oh my gosh, Ariana! CREEPY. That's all I can think when people do that. I don't get it. Was she pretending to be you? For what purpose? I'm sorry that happened to you.
    I know you don't want to go private, but it's things like this that made me go private. Not because I think someone would want to pretend they took my pictures (I'm not that good!) but because of my kids. There are just too many psychos out there looking at them. If someone hadn't told you, would you have ever known? I'm glad she took them down. Shame on her, the CREEP!!

  • That scares the crap out of me! So glad you found them and got her to take them down. I hope she is still reading your blog and reads all these comments about how wrong, stupid, and creepy that is. It's people like that that ruins this whole blog world!

  • That's horrible and so scary! Thank goodness someone brought it to your attention. It's one thing to love someone's photos, but to have them on your account is a huge step too far.

  • I am speechless.

    The acct has been deleted when I clicked on it….what a freak to steal your about me as well….

    I have to same internal struggle on if my blog needs to be private. It is sad in this day in age you have to worry about it. 🙁

  • Seriously, who would do something like this? That is just plain crazy and scary! I have been thinking more and more lately about either going private or taking down my blog all together because of things exactly like this.

  • How weird! Did she steal pics that were just random cool ones, or pics that were your family?

    I don't understand why people do that. I mean, that is a lot of work to go through..setting up an account, stealing pics…and for what?

    Isn't there a way to make it so your pics can't be right-clicked and downloaded?

    Sorry this happened to you!

  • …that's really odd.

    I mean, like, really odd.

    …that doesn't even make a lot of sense.

    [tries to wrap his mind around this… fails]

    I'm glad she was at least willing to work with you and not particularly nasty about it.


  • ummmmmm WEIRD! That freaks me out! Why are people so awful? That is what makes me want to make my blog private all the time cause you just don't know who is out there being strange with your family/pics/words/etc! Why can't people just be normal? I'm so sorry that happened and it makes me really freaked out!!! ugh. Why on earth do people want to do stuff like that?!

  • There seems to be a lot of that going around- people stealing other peoples' pictures. I know there's a way to make it so other people can't grab your photos, but I am not sure how you go about it. I guess you can watermark your pics.

    Sorry that happened to you. It's pretty weird, but I guess you can look at it as imitation is a form of flattery!

  • OMG- I would freak out too- this stuff is exactly why I do watermark pics on my blog! People are insane, I'm tellin ya. I have actually been working on a more obnoxious watermark for myself, since mine is pretty unobtrusive at the moment, and it might not be much of a deterrent. I think using your blog address is a great idea, and make sure you put it smack across the photo, not in a spot that's easily cropped out!

    Craziness. 🙁

  • OMG this is insane… precisely why I JUST started watermarking my images… I really didn't want to but there are psychos out there! And not even that does much you know? Hope that gets all sorted out.

  • What a creep like seriously so sorry this had to happen to you Ariana some people are just very sick and twisted. Hopefully yahoo will properly deal with this, best of luck.

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