Random shots from when we were out.
Looking at the fish at WalMart.

Payson has been so cranky this week. He’s teething again (yes, his 7th and 8th are just starting to pop through!) and he wants me to hear about it!
This storyboard in particular is to show what a drama boy he is. One second he’s crying as if someone is gnawing off his leg. The next second he’s totally fine.

What calmed him down is me talking to him in a mellow, calm voice. He likes it when he thinks everything is mellow. He hates loud noise and chaos (which public bathrooms often are).
And sidenote- this was the first time I’ve ever put him in the grocery part of the cart. The only reason I did was because I was standing RIGHT there waiting for the girls to wash their hands, I was holding his shirt or looking right at him so that he was safe. DON’T let your small child ride in the grocery part, they WILL fall out (personal experience speaking from when Brooklyn was 2!)
Sorry, I HAD to add that because I don’t want people thinking I let him ride in there or that I condone letting your little child ride in there. It really is dangerous. Learn from my past mistake, please.

The girls were being so sweet during this ride. Interested in the other’s expression and happiness 🙂

5 thoughts on “Errands

  • Sorry he is teething again. When does it ever end? Sierra's tutu is adorable. And I love that Brooklyn is concerned that Sierra is having a good time. What sweet sisters.

  • He he…I love Sierra's outfit! When Jackson was two he had a Buzz Lightyear costume that he wore EVERYWHERE. Totally not kidding, for like months we couldn't go out of the house without it, lol.

    (Ok, once again, it's Tammy, I can't sign in!)

  • Sierra is like my Alayna… Alayna wears costumes out a lot… tutus, princess, heels, jewelry, crowns… she's a total princess.

    Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Payson's hair?

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